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    Image: REMOTE by Coney

    Well hello,
    Fancy seeing you here!
    You want to know more about us? Our artists and what's going on at CPT? You've landed in the right place.

    Posted: 13-05-2022 Tag: news

    Meet our Seed Commission Artists 2022

    CPT announces Seed Commissioned Artists for 2022

    Posted: 13-05-2022 Tag: Artist Callouts

    Outside the Box 2022 Call Out

    Camden People's Theatre is seeking proposals for its annual 'Outside The Box' commission - a scheme which supports the creation of innovative new theatre projects, particularly those which connect with our local community. 

    Posted: 13-05-2022 Tag: Artist Callouts

    Camden NoW! call-out 2022

    If you were offered £10K, production support, and a platform in the heart of Camden, what would you use it to say?

    Posted: 13-04-2022 Tag: news

    Figs in Wigs on launching Calm Down Dear 2022

    "We are so excited and no, we won't calm down about it!" 

    Posted: 28-03-2022 Tag: artist blogs

    Interview with Tess Seddon on Say Yes to Tess

    Creator of Say Yes to Tess, Tess Seddon, shares with us her experience of running for parliament and creating a musical about it. Catch it at CPT from Thursday 24 March – Saturday 16 April 2022 

    Posted: 22-03-2022 Tag: news

    Interview with Birkbeck on its latest collaboration with CPT

    This week we talked to the Director of the MA Text and Performance at Birkbeck University, Fintan Walsh, about what the degree offers and how CPT is involved.

    Posted: 11-03-2022 Tag: artist blogs

    Playing Latinx: Notes from Directors Mariana Aristizabal Pardo & Malena Arcucci

    In this blog post, Mariana Aristizabal Pardo and Malena Arcucci from Marianamalena Theatre Co. gives us a sneak peek into the devising process for Playing Latinx (coming to CPT on Tue 29 Mar - Sat 2 Apr). Click here to book.

    Derek and Kathy are lying on a bed of plants, fruits and vegetables, looking into the camera. Derek has a lily in his mouth, Kathy is biting into a cherry.
    Posted: 28-02-2022 Tag: news

    Brian Logan On Why We Love A Sprint Festival

    We love a Sprint festival, right? But never before have we done two in six months.

    Posted: 18-02-2022 Tag: news

    Meet Our Newest Team Members!

    We are thrilled to introduce our newest team members: Nisha Oza (Artist Support Producer) and Adam Welsh (Artist in the Community)

    Posted: 18-02-2022 Tag: artist blogs

    Director Lakeisha Lynch-Stevens Reflects on the New Camden Youth Theatre Show

    Camden Youth Theatre Director, Lakeisha Lynch-Stevens, reflects on everything our youth theatre has been up to during the pandemic and what it's like to return with a live show after two years.

    Posted: 14-02-2022 Tag: news

    Camden People's Theatre and Birkbeck announce new collaboration

    From the autumn term this year, Birkbeck’s MA Text and Performance degree will be delivered in association with Camden People’s Theatre and guest artists.

    Woman in a blue dress and a rosette awkwardly being pushed to the front by two enthusiastic supporters peering round from behind her.
    Posted: 04-02-2022 Tag: news

    Spring Season Announcement: we are back with radical work and real-life stories

    Our Spring 2022 season includes VAULT Rehomed shows, Sprint Festival 2022, uplifting political musical headline, Tess Seddon's Say Yes to Tess, headlining the season, Calm Down, Dear call-out for submissions AND a shiny new website.

    Five women, aka Figs in Wigs, in head-to-toe matching outfits, wigs and make up stand in a line in height order. They are wearing waistcoats, skirts and berets made of a green, blue and red tartan fabric which is the same fabric as the background they are
    Posted: 25-01-2022 Tag: Artist Callouts

    Call-Out: Calm Down, Dear 2022 (Curated by Figs in Wigs)

    From May 24 – June 11, 2022 Camden People’s Theatre will present the ninth Calm Down, Dear festival of feminism. This unique three-week celebration of innovative feminist performance – featuring some of the UK’s most exciting artists – is a highlight of the independent theatre calendar.

    A picture of our current steering group.
    Posted: 29-12-2021 Tag: Community Callouts

    Camden People’s Theatre Steering Group

    Are you based in Camden? Want to have a voice in our programming? We want to hear from you!

    Posted: 30-11-2021 Tag: news

    Meet Our 2022 Starting Blocks Artists!

    JACK BOAL (he/him)
    Jack is a performer and theatre maker who laces clowning with interactive performance to investigate the...

    Posted: 30-11-2021 Tag: news

    Camden People’s Theatre awarded £261K Paul Hamlyn Foundation funding

    We are thrilled to announce that we have secured funding totalling £261,000 across three years from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s Arts Access and Participation Fund. Alongside this news, we also announce the six recipients of the Starting Blocks 2022 scheme and a callout for our 2022 seed commissions.

    A picture of Tom Ryalls as a child in school. He has blonde hair and wears glasses and a school uniform.
    Posted: 16-11-2021 Tag: artist blogs

    Tom Ryalls on Creating Education, Education, Karaoke

    What has Tony Blair got to do with theatre? In this blog post, Starting Blocks artist Tom Ryalls breaks down the significance of Tony Blair’s “Education, Education, Education” speech and debunking the myth of social mobility in the UK.

    “British theatre would be completely stymied without tiny, under-resourced venues such as CPT, which are a critical part of the theatre ecology.”

    Lyn Gardner Stagedoor