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  • Gassan’s Gaze: The Actor’s View on Curating Their Final Performance


    On March 15th, Gassan Abdulrazek will spend his final night on earth performing at Camden People’s Theatre, laying out his life and work, before inviting the public to witness his untimely demise live on stage. Gassan ponders the importance of Gassan Abdulrazek is Dead and muses on his final weeks this side of the mortal coil.

    TW: lighthearted discussion of death  

    Yes, yes, yes. I know that you’re excited, Gassan Abdulrazek, the Gassan Abdulrazek, has written an  exclusive blog for the Camden People’s Theatre upon request (his own). I don’t do this; I have never  done this. Obviously, I have been asked to write these sort of backcstage-peek-behind-the-curtain at-the-genius-behind-the-mask type pieces before – Vouge, Tatler, What Car? - how could I not have  been?! I always chose not to because guess what; I don’t care. I don’t neither need nor crave this  kind of additional attention. My name sells, my face sells, my body sells. No matter how hard I try the  rod of success only hardens when I’m involved. To borrow a phrase from the 2007 global financial  boom: I am too big to fail. 

    But this time things are different. This is the project we’ve all been waiting for and MY GOD if I need  to give the tiniest slice of my time to ensure it smoothly slips down your gullet, then I am here to lube  away. Consider these words not as words, but as a gift from me to you. Gassan’s gift of artistic  understanding, lubed up and ready for many GCSE and A Level students to analyse for years to  come. 

    The astute amongst you will have noticed the title, Gassan’s Gaze, and are keenly awaiting to see  how this simple blog can give you an insight into my mind and out of my eyes. So, Gassan Abdulrazek Is Dead, huh? Gotcha! Ha ha! 

    I, Gassan Abdulrazek, [SPOILER ALERT] am not yet dead. But - and you heard it here first - this will  be my final show and I know, I know, this is grave news. Dear reader, I want you to know that this  isn’t easy for me. I have spent my life dedicated to a greater purpose: to keep you inspired, to keep  you learning, to keep you human, to keep you grounded. Whilst the time has come for my life to be  wrenched in a new direction (death) it is important to remember that my body (of work, but also  corps) will forever live on. 

    In the spirit of immortality, there will be a post-show auction where one lucky individual will purchase  my resin-encased-carcass to admire ‘til the end of time. The rest of you will have to settle for re watching my work again and again. Maybe if you ask enough, CPT will replay the show once  annually in memoriam, with a fresh-faced new actor each year, slaughtered in my memory. I think I  would like that - a fitting tribute. 

    It is at times like these, monumental life-altering moments, that one looks back. The past stretching  endlessly in front of you as you gaze through it. Was my life meaningful? Did I do good? Will I be  remembered after I am gone? In my case, the answer to all of these questions is yes. Maybe you too  have questions like this and aren’t so fortunate as me to have the answers to hand. If this is the case,  then write in! That’s right, write in! I will be answering any questions you ask of me in a new format of  my own devising, hence christened ‘A to Q’ (an abbreviation of ‘Answers to Questions’). You have  the questions (Qs) and I have the answers (As). My gaze continues and creeps into your lives,  through your doors and under your sheets. Use me to solve your worries and your woes. Address  your letters to Gassan Abduklrazek is Dead, 22 Tufton St, London SW1P 3RX. Please remember  though that I am busy, and it might take me some time to get back. If you don’t receive a response  within a fortnight, then I have died on stage and chances of my reply have been significantly  reduced. 

    Remember, you love me. 

    Gassan Abdulrazek

    (writing assistance provided by Jake Bishop, Sam Dodgshon, and Alexander Pearn)


    Gassan Abdulrazek is Dead is part of SPRINT Festival 2024

    Friday March 15th at 9pm 

    Tickets £8

    Stolen Table Collective/Gassan Abdulrazek

    Thank you for allowing artists to take creative risks, the world needs it now more than ever.

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