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    Playing Latinx

    Tue 29 Mar - Sat 2 Apr at 7.15pm
    Tickets £12 (£10)
    What lengths do we go to fit in? An actor from Latin America tries to find his place in the UK theatre scene, all funny accents and salsa rhythms. At what point does the stereotype start playing him?

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    Running Time 60 minutes
    Relaxed Performance
    Relaxed Performance
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    What does the Latinx identity mean in the UK?

    An actor from South America comes to London and very quickly realises he’ll mostly be hired to play exotic characters, so he adapts. He moves, speaks and writes like a Latinx person should. And he starts getting hired. What lies behind the facade? What does his real accent sound like? Does he even know anymore? Who is the adoption of the Latinx label more helpful for? How does that label interact with the white, BAME, queer labels, or even the my-RP-accent-is-actually-flawless label?

    Playing Latinx is a one human show exploring these questions. Merging spoken word poetry, stand-up comedy and music, Guido will take us through the journey of constructing a wholly new identity whilst figuring out his place in the UK theatre scene.

    Supported by Arts Council England 

    "The charismatic Guido Garcia Lueches is outstanding"
    British Theatre Guide
    "The audience were in stitches, you could feel the them waiting for his next line."
    North West End UK

    "Our children live in the most deprived ward in London and their parents cannot afford to pay for the classes and activities many more privileged children enjoy after school and at the weekends. A free-to-access youth group run by a local theatre in a professional setting is an incredible opportunity."

    Local school teacher