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  • Why do we need a queer Christmas show anyway?

    Image: Clémence Rebourg

    "This is a self-wrapped send-off to queer people preparing to take the annual voyage back to family histories, survival and code switching at Christmas."

    Ahead of A They In A Manger, we chatted to the cast about why the world needs a Christmas show of queer solidarity right now and the relationship between queerness and Christmas.

    There are plenty of queer shows out there - all important in their own ways. Why do you think A They In A Manger feels necessary in December 2023?

    Len: Things are already worse for queers in Britain than I thought they would be in my lifetime. The way trans people are being talked about feels very Section 28, so we have to maintain the momentum of love, fire and self-celebration within our communities. In an increasingly fascistic society, it's fairly fucking vital that as queer artists we make space for our fellow queers to experience warmth, solidarity, levity and joy. 

    An0maly: A They In a Manger is a self-wrapped send-off to queer people preparing to take the annual voyage back to family histories, survival and code switching at Christmas. For a community that is considered so visible, it is easy to forget the marginalisations that occur in already marginalised groups. This show prepares and reminds us that we are not alone in a cathartic curated queer utopia. 

    Vijay: I think this is a show for people who find Christmas time hard and want to be in a safe space and a joy space. The world is chaos right now so we've made an alternative space for people who feel like they don't have a space.

    Danielle: A They in a Manger is more important now than ever, because, suddenly we as queer artists find ourselves making work in a world that is actively trying to silence and censor our voices. This piece of collective work aims to confront that head on, and find ways in which to roar fiercely in the faces of those who try to silence us.

    A They In A Manger is a celebration of chosen families, queer community and survival of self. What do these mean to you?

    An0maly: I became homeless after coming out 10 years ago, now settled in a small council house flat to call home. I find peace and tranquillity in the quiet around Christmas even without anyone to celebrate it with. These are very intense, isolating but beautiful seasonal periods where I use the Christmas period as an opportunity for rest, respite and release from white supremacy.

    Danielle: Chosen families allow us to grow, expand, and improve beyond the limitations that society or even we place on ourselves. They make us better people. Our existence within these contexts is an inherently radical act, and being able to make within these contexts only extends their radical nature.

    Len: For me, survival of self is existing in a life where we have the freedom to explore different ways of relating to the world, and discover the things that make us feel rooted, relaxed and joyful in who we are. Having enough light, warmth and fresh fucking air to grow.

    What do you want audiences to feel when they see A They In A Manger?

    Vijay: My performance is usually silly, autobiographical, political, gay, fun. So not your typical office Christmas party vibes (but could be). I want audiences to feel joy with the show. Something heartfelt. Celebratory for those who aren't always heard.

    Danielle: In my work, I write about things that I feel I’m unable to see in the world that I live in. Where are the gaps? Who are we not hearing from? Where have we not ventured? Using words, images, and bloodcurdling screams, we’ll figure that out together. I want audiences to come away from A They In A Manger hating Christmas as much as I do.

    An0maly: Expect sexy christmas lingerie, a metal pole and some twerking! I want audiences to feel the joy that we present as their own.


    A They In A Manger

    5th - 16th December at 7.15pm

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