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  • Matthew Neubauer presents

    baby my love for you is Non-Fungible

    Fri 22 Mar at 9pm
    Tickets £8 + booking fees (work-in-progress)
    Love. Fate. Money. Art. An amateur soothsayer. A cursed child. AI palmistry. Bad poetry. More money. Pixelated Monkeys. More Fucking Money! And the End of the Goddam World.

    Get 25% off when you book more than one show across SPRINT Festival (5 - 22 March).

    Two people meet at a house party. They don't know it yet but they are going to fall foolishly, selfishly, hopelessly, dangerously in love. They are going to start an NFT* empire. They're going to make shedloads of freaking money. And then they are going to lose it all.

    This is docufiction history of the NFT market. It is a fatalistic examination of bubbles, things which must grow until they burst. It is about the people outside who can see it coming. And it is about the people inside who cannot.

    *NFT = Non-Fungible Token

    Content Notice
    Running Time 80 mins
    Wheelchair Accessible
    Wheelchair Accessible
    Assistance dogs welcome
    Assistance dogs welcome
    Content Notice
    Content NoticeSuitable for 16+
    "Engrossingly elemental... lustrous, gleaming and revelling in sentimentality"
    Binge Fringe for previous work
    "Lives and breathes in this space in a way that no other piece at this festival does"
    Emily Beech for previous work

    “Such a crucial part of the UK theatre ecology… Developing artists and audiences”

    The Guardian