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    New Adventures in Theatre
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    Dreamworld - Bethany Heggarty
    Amelia Gann presents


    Thu 11th - Sun 14th August at 7.15pm
    Join fitness instructor Cathy and an array of eclectic characters for a dysfunctional dance party that tells the story of Cathy’s youth, queer awakening, and complicated relationship with Zumba.
    Dolls & Guys - Sabean Bea
    Sabean Bea presents

    Dolls & Guys

    Fri 12th - Sun 11th August at 9pm
    Objet d’art or person? Life can be brutal in its expectations of women. In this surrealist fantasy not too unlike the reality we know, we meet five dolls who give us an insight into their world on the shelf.
    this is not a party. - Emily Appleton, Southwest Theatre Photography, @swtheatrephotography

    this is not a party.

    Sat 20th August & Sun 28th August at 7.15pm
    How do celebrations affect our personal connections? Explore the young adult experience with three distinct performances from a new collective innovating how we create and work in theatre.

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    Rows of red theatre chairs on situated in a black box theatre
    Posted: 26-07-2022 Tag: Jobs

    Vacancy: Duty Technician

    Posted: 26-07-2022 Tag: Jobs

    Vacancy: Technical Manager

    Poster of HOT IN HERE. A drawing of the earth with flames behind it. In front is a colourful dancefloor with climate protesters on it.
    Posted: 18-07-2022 Tag: news

    Announcing our Autumn Season

    Two people wearing dance leotards, both holding multiple silver hoolahoops. One person is crouching in front of the other, who is standing.
    Posted: 11-07-2022 Tag: Jobs

    Vacancy: Community Engagement Manager

    "Companies like us genuinely would not be making theatre if it was not for the ability of CPT and its team to identify artists who are worth taking a chance on."

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