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  • Let’s trust young artists to make work that matters

    Image: Matt Smith

    ​​My name is Rofeda Bougaga, I’m 19 and I make art that invokes social and political change through creativity. I passionately believe that we must create the spaces, conditions and opportunities to support young artists to make art on the issues that matter most to them. And through doing this we will make theatre that celebrates the true diversity of the ideas and experiences in London.

    I will be bringing my show, The Body Remembers, to SPRINT on the 20th March. I am a research expert, activist, spoken word artist and performer. I have been using my expertise and lived experiences to raise awareness on neglected issues, such as women’s safety, and young people’s mental health.

    I was born in Lewisham to an Algerian father and Scottish mother, they named me Rofeda after the first female nurse in Islam. I didn’t have much of a voice growing up in a traditional household and writing helped me express what I couldn’t at home.  Creativity is a place where I can be myself.

    Growing up, secondary school wasn't just about grades for me; it was an introduction to the world of drama. Amidst the chaos of family issues & my own battles with mental health, drama became my refuge, a sanctuary where I could escape into a different world.

    At the age of 13, I became a member of Sounds Like Chaos, a youth company specializing in devising shows for young individuals like myself. This marked the beginning of a transformative journey in theatre.  We made shows about the issues we cared about and took them to major venues across London and the UK.

    Young Londoners rarely get representation in theatre. We’re taught to use formal language, refrain from colloquial words. Our voice is always classed as ghetto and impolite, so in a society where there is such a strict power dynamic, we’ve created our own language to feel like we belong somewhere. We know what is happening in our lives, we know the stories you need to hear. I believe we should put these voices centre stage.

    With the support of Sounds Like Chaos, I was inspired to create my own show, The Body Remembers.  This project, which explores the societal impact on women's safety, is rooted in my personal experience of sexual assault. It aims not only to raise awareness but also to empower other women to speak out against sexual assault. My commitment to enacting positive change led me to form a campaign group of young women who, like me, are passionate about making a change. Our goal is to influence political change in Lewisham regarding women's safety, ensuring that our voices are not only heard but also contribute to building stronger, safer communities. We are now working closely with Lewisham Council's Safer Communities team to make this change happen.

    I think it’s important for young people to tell their stories as it allows them to express themselves, and gives them a space to have their voices heard, which they are unable to do in school or at home. Creative spaces can be a sanctuary where we can do this, but the doors must be open to us. There’s so much that we go through at a young age, which isn’t represented enough and also has the potential to connect to audiences, as the experience of youth is universal. In order for art to be real and for people to understand what is happening to young people right now, these stories must be told by us, and not filtered through a lens of adulthood.

    I think young people need faith, opportunities, support, space and mentorship. Without these, it makes it harder for us to be able to build a platform where we can speak up on issues, and make change. If you trust us, we will make great things happen.


    The Body Remembers is part of SPRINT Festival 2024

    Wed 20 Mar at 7.15pm

    Tickets £8


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