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    Welcome to the Autumn season at CPT.

    Highlights include (but are certainly not limited to!) For a Palestinian which brought its audience to tears, then to their feet at our Sprint Festival in 2021; Block'd Off which explores what it is to be Working Class in London; wipe these tears, a critical look at the actions of the British state overseas; and Hot in Here: an energy generating dance party, a fantastic show which celebrates the work of young climate activists.

    Amelia Gann presents


    Thu 11th - Sun 14th August at 7.15pm
    Join fitness instructor Cathy and an array of eclectic characters for a dysfunctional dance party that tells the story of Cathy’s youth, queer awakening, and complicated relationship with Zumba.
    Sabean Bea presents

    Dolls & Guys

    Fri 12th - Sun 11th August at 9pm
    Objet d’art or person? Life can be brutal in its expectations of women. In this surrealist fantasy not too unlike the reality we know, we meet five dolls who give us an insight into their world on the shelf.
    this is not a party. - Emily Appleton, Southwest Theatre Photography, @swtheatrephotography

    this is not a party.

    Sat 20th August & Sun 28th August at 7.15pm
    How do celebrations affect our personal connections? Explore the young adult experience with three distinct performances from a new collective innovating how we create and work in theatre.
    Rajesh and Naresh - Hugh Tarpey

    Rajesh and Naresh

    Sun 21 Aug - Tue 23 Aug at 9pm
    A feel-good love story. When Rajesh visits Mumbai he encounters Naresh - not exactly the Indian wife his mother hoped for. The Queer South Asian rom-com you've been waiting for.
    FRYDAYS - Thomas Langridge


    Wed 24th - Sat 27th Aug at 9pm
    Wacky, wonderful and weird, FRYDAYS is an absurd musical comedy about family, friendship and fish and chips. Can two wide eyed twins reclaim their father’s shop before it’s too late?
    this is not about death. - Tim Jan Eichelbaum
    Spores Theatre presents

    this is not about death.

    Mon 29 Aug at 5pm & Tue 30 Aug at 8pm
    Everyone becomes a mushroom - sooner or later. Amidst the chaos of the human population turning into fungi, two friends meet in the forests to play games and talk philosophy. Will their friendship withstand the changes yet to come?
    RIGHT OF WAY  - Bowden / Hewett Family
    Beth Bowden presents


    Tue 30th Aug at 5pm & Wed 31st Aug at 8pm
    Rooted in a place of joy, breath, and deep listening, RIGHT OF WAY is an embodied reflection on chronic illness, accessibility, Young Carers, and radical joy.
    OUROBOROS - Carolina Cornejo 2022


    Wed 31 Aug at 5pm & Thu 1st Sept at 8pm
    An author trying to write a myth, but the characters start to make their own decisions. The reality collides with the fantasy. Who is really writing this story?
    POP POP POP: Till you stop! - Hillah Tomer

    POP POP POP: Till you stop!

    Thu 1st Sept at 5pm & 7pm, Fri 2nd Sept at 7pm & 9pm
    ‘Pop pop pop’ explores the constant struggle of being overstimulated yet being stuck in the repetitive loop we call modern life.
    Idle: What Next? - AMBERSAND Collective

    Idle: What Next?

    Fri 2nd Sept at 5pm & 8pm
    AMBERSAND collective’s new show examines the realities of existing when it seems like everything is falling apart. We are stuck, you are stuck. What do we do next? Can theatre help? We’ll see.
    Tunnel Vision - Renee Chua
    The Others presents

    Tunnel Vision

    Sat 3rd Sept at 5:30pm
    Doors are closing. Please mind the gap between you and ‘the others'.
    Keep me in the Loop - Karo Chrzanowska
    Deadweight presents

    Keep me in the Loop

    Sun 4th Sept at 3pm, 4.30pm, 7pm & 8.30pm
    Don’t you wish your 9-5 job was longer? More intense? So do we!
    For a Palestinian -
    WoLab presents

    For a Palestinian

    Tue 13 Sept - Sat 1 Oct at 7pm
    Bilal has always been obsessed with love stories. In this one-person show he tells you his favourite: the true story of Palestinian poet and translator Wa’el Zuaiter.
    Serena Ramsey presents


    Fri 16 Sept - Sat 17 Sept at 9pm
    Love. Death and Smirnoff ice. The genre bending Serena Ramsey is back on a quest to re-write the folk lore and mythology that makes us CHAVs who we are. Oi Oi x
    Big Bang: SEPTEMBER 18th -

    Big Bang: SEPTEMBER 18th

    Sun 18 Sept at 7.15pm
    Big Bang is CPT’s regular scratch night: an explosion of performance from which new universes of theatre may one day emerge. These jam-packed platforms are highlights of any CPT season: the place to see wild and wonderful new projects take their first steps.
    Ramalama Ding Dong -
    Roshi Nasehi presents

    Ramalama Ding Dong

    Wed 21 - Thu 22 Sept at 9pm
    Ramalama Ding Dong is an innovative solo multimedia theatre piece inspired by real life experiences of funny, surreal and intimidating racism. The piece combines experimental approaches to stand up, storytelling, singing and live sound art.
    An Attempt to Lose Time -
    Miranda Prag presents

    An Attempt to Lose Time

    Fri 23 Sept - Sat 24 Sept at 9pm
    After five years living in the city, Miranda thought about time all the time - so she gave it up. A solo show about time and our relationships with it.
    HOT IN HERE (An energy-generating dance-party) -
    Pigfoot Theatre presents

    HOT IN HERE (An energy-generating dance-party)

    Sun 25 Sep - Mon 26 Sep and Tue 4 Oct - Thu 6 Oct at 7.15pm
    A protest. A theatre show. An energy-generating dance-party. Developed from interviews with climate activists around the world and powered by an energy-harvesting dancefloor, HOT IN HERE celebrates action taking place internationally against climate injustice, and the UK’s place within it. Made by multi award-winning Pigfoot, with the least carbon impact possible.
    Bird Hut Sperm Bank -
    Louise Ashcroft presents

    Bird Hut Sperm Bank

    Tue 27 - Wed 28 Sept at 9pm
    Louise Ashcroft builds a DIY sperm bank outside her home, using an old bird hut, to reflect on who gets to have kids, who doesn't, and how to reinvent family.
    Pieces of a Man -
    David Labi presents

    Pieces of a Man

    Thurs 29 Sept at 9pm
    David performs the rollercoaster story of his late father, a Libyan-Italian Holocaust Survivor. A hilarious and powerful one-man show examining fatherhood, identity, trauma, and joy.
    TANA -
    The tana project presents


    Fri 30 Sept - Sat 1 Oct at 9pm
    When F and T moved together during lockdown, they didn’t know that the clear boundaries that their friendship held suddenly would begin to blur. A play about identity, and sexuality in a Queer-Asian context.
    STAMP Connects 2022 -

    STAMP Connects 2022

    Tue 4 Oct at 2pm
    The STAMP (Supporting Theatre Artists and Makers of Performance) network is bringing back its not-to-be-missed annual event for new, early-, and mid-career artists: STAMP Connects.
    The Not-12 Days of Not-Christmas  -
    Lila Robirosa presents

    The Not-12 Days of Not-Christmas

    Fri 7 Oct - Sat 8 Oct at 9pm
    One woman. One song. One board game. 50 minutes to unlock the secrets lying within... Come and roll the dice on one woman's hilarious story of queer confusion and chaos.
    Meg Hodgson presents


    Fri 7 Oct - Sat 8 Oct at 7.15pm
    2022. Shady billionaires make plans to colonise and mine the solar system behind all our backs, and one rocky satellite is dangerously close to the edge. One last cycle to figure out where it all went wrong and how (if) we can course-correct before it’s too late.
    Wipe These Tears -
    BÉZNĂ Theatre presents

    Wipe These Tears

    Tue 11 Oct - Sat 22 Oct at 7pm
    A bouquet of flesh flowers melted into each other // Hand to hand // Face to shoulder // Chemical unification of skins wipe these tears is a world premiere from British-Romanian BÉZNĂ Theatre.
    Going Deutsch -
    Anna Clover presents

    Going Deutsch

    Fri 14 Oct - Sat 15 Oct at 9pm
    Should you ever go back to someone, (or something), that almost destroyed you? What if they’re sorry? What if they say they’ve changed? What if they’re offering an EU passport?
    Big Bang: OCTOBER 16th -

    Big Bang: OCTOBER 16th

    Sun 16 Oct at 7.15pm
    Big Bang is CPT’s regular scratch night: an explosion of performance from which new universes of theatre may one day emerge. These jam-packed platforms are highlights of any CPT season: the place to see wild and wonderful new projects take their first steps.
    Cute But Psycho -

    Cute But Psycho

    Thu 20 Oct - Fri 21 Oct at 9pm
    Exploring the magnetic beauty and mind-altering struggle of psychosis, Cute But Psycho asks what happens when spiritual awakening and mental illness collide with the medical approach to recovery.
    A Thousand Sons -
    Jamie Sefton presents

    A Thousand Sons

    Tue 1 Nov - Sat 5 Nov at 9pm
    A one person show detailing the true horrors of nuclear weapons and the deceit by those in power.
    Walking Cats -

    Walking Cats

    Tue 1 and Wed 2 Nov at 7.15pm
    When you can’t travel back home, will your home come to you?
    Learning to Fly -

    Learning to Fly

    Thu 3 Nov - Sat 5 Nov at 7.15pm
    James tells the story of a friendship he made with the scary old lady who lived on his street and her last wish: to get high once before she dies.
    Block'd Off -

    Block'd Off

    Tue 8th Nov - Sat 19th Nov at 7.15pm
    Block’d Off is a One-Woman Show following 5 characters living in the Cycle of Deprivation, and explores what it is to be Working-Class in London. Based on real stories in real locations.
    Sweet Mother -
    Nwoko Arts presents

    Sweet Mother

    Tue 8 Nov - Wed 9 Nov at 9pm
    Set in a time of racial unrest in Liverpool, Sweet Mother is a celebration of white women who fell in love and married black men. Sweet Mother is based on true stories from the heart of the community.
    SWARM -
    Liv Ello presents


    Thu 10 Nov - Sat 12 Nov at 9pm
    SWARM is a surreal dark comedy exploring the connection between toxic expressions of privilege and the behaviour of flies. Using character comedy, stand-up and spoken word, SWARM subverts the language used to dehumanise those othered in British society to re-tell a far more evocative reality.
    For The Love Of A Primary Caregiver -

    For The Love Of A Primary Caregiver

    Tue 15 - Sat 19 Nov at 9pm
    Rosemary is about to do a speech at her mother’s wedding. She’s not quite sure how to hit the right note as the relationship between Rosemary and her mother has been... less- than- rosy. As latent thoughts and feelings bubble to the surface, we realise maybe the apple hasn’t fallen very far from the tree.
    heartfelt - Alex Kelly


    Tue 22 Nov - Wed 23 Nov at 7.15pm
    heartfelt. a wildly inventive disability-led solo theatre show about hearts & heartlessness - spiralling out of our heart-attacks. with love-heart sweets for all. a must-watch. Slung Low.
    The Death & Life of All of Us -
    Victor Esses presents

    The Death & Life of All of Us

    Tue 22 - Wed 23 Nov at 9pm
    The Death & Life of All of Us is an experimental performance that uses biographical documentary film and live music to reclaim erased histories.


    Thu 24 Nov - Fri 25 Nov at 7.15pm
    MOTHERLOAD! is a dark comedy for the end of days. Meet Mother Nature, the sexiest woman alive turned dumpster fire. She's doing a TED Talk, a last chance bid to save her favourite creation.
    Good Girls -
    Larisa Faber presents

    Good Girls

    Thu 24 Nov - Sat 26 Nov at 9pm
    A musical about abortions and no regrets. 3 performers, 3 keyboards, 6 jazz hands, multiple stories.
    Declan -
    Alistair Hall presents


    Tue 29 Nov - Sat 3 Dec at 9pm
    A haunted, hallucinatory tale of isolation and sexual discovery.
    On The Line -
    Odd Eyes Theatre presents

    On The Line

    Tue 29 Nov - Sat 3 Dec at 7pm
    Camden teenagers Tia and Kai’s perfect day is ruined when a robbery threatens to test their childhood bonds and complexities of aspiration in this witty and urgent play for today.
    It's a Motherf**king Pleasure -
    FlawBored presents

    It's a Motherf**king Pleasure

    Tue 6 Dec - Thu 8 Dec at 7.15pm
    Winners of the Greenwich Theatre Award, 2022. We join a social media manager and an up-and-coming blind influencer as they embark on a quest to make blindness sexy.
    Nan, Me & Barbara Pravi -
    Hannah Maxwell presents

    Nan, Me & Barbara Pravi

    Tue 6 Dec - Wed 7 Dec at 9pm
    An epic tale of love, loss and explaining how to use the microwave.
    Thatcher-Rite -
    Jack Boal presents


    Thu 8 Dec - Sat 10 Dec at 9pm
    Thatcher-Rite invites you for a traditional English tea party with Margaret Thatcher. From cucumber sandwiches to Conservative policy, this interactive and entertaining production revisits the legacy of the UK's first woman Prime Minister.
    There Was a Little Girl -

    There Was a Little Girl

    Fri 9 Dec - Sat 10 Dec at 7.15pm & Sun 11 Dec 5pm
    Millie is not like other girls. Join Millie (and her alter ego Michael) in this witty, unflinching & truthful insight into growing up opposing the female narrative covered in 90s nostalgia galore.
    Patient is a Verb - Andy Bodrenkov
    Burning Attic presents

    Patient is a Verb

    Tue 13 Dec - Thu 15 Dec at 9pm
    Welcome to the waiting room to enter the realm of Transition*. You are the 11,174th player. Only 33 players have made it through Level One this month.
    The Benefits of Disabled Sex -
    Sonny Howes presents

    The Benefits of Disabled Sex

    Tue 13 Dec - Wed 14 Dec at 7.15pm
    He lost his legs, but what about his virginity? A true story of a teenage boy who plays with his crutch more than his crotch.
    Not a Girl Not Yet a Woman -
    Popsie Theatre presents

    Not a Girl Not Yet a Woman

    Fri 16 Dec - Sat 17 Dec at 9pm
    You’re invited to enter a liminal space between girlhood and womanhood, and watch as we tear apart Britney’s conservatorship, victim-blaming and female autonomy - all while drunk on early-2000s MTV nostalgia.
    Scrooge -


    Tue 20 Dec - Fri 23 Dec at 7.15pm
    D-live! present an adaption Charles Dickens’ classic tale A Christmas Carol for hearing and non-hearing audiences with full length digital live theatre

    "A great local theatre making a massive difference to the local community."

    Councillor Jonathan Simpson Camden Council