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    If you have any questions or enquiries, please do get in touch by phone at 020 7419 4841 or email at foh@cptheatre.co.uk.

  • Seed Commissions

    Image: Night Clubbing - Rachael Young(c) Marcus Hessenberg

    We offer seed commissions to artists from marginalised backgrounds, to support the development of innovative new theatre projects.

    The scheme has been running since 2015 and has supported over 25 artists to make bold, new, adventurous work. Successful projects to have emerged from the scheme include Lanre Malaolu’s Elephant in the Room, Paula Varjack’s The Cult of K*nzo, Rachael Young’s Nightclubbing and HighRise Theatre’s Merryville.

    Successful candidates will receive £750, one week’s rehearsal space (or one week’s supported digital R&D), and the opportunity to perform as part of our artistic programme.

    If you have any questions you can email us at artists@cptheatre.co.uk

    "CPT is as a beacon of fringe goodness, a theatre that champions diversity, inclusivity and the best kind of weird uniqueness" - LondonTheatre1

    Marcus Hessenberg
    Rachael Young presents


    Tue 8 - Sat 12 May 2018
    Rachael and her badass band of super-humans embrace Afrofuturism and the cult of Grace Jones in this explosive new performance, in which live music and intergalactic visions kick-start a revolution
    HighRise Theatre
    HighRise Theatre presents


    Tue 1 - Sat 5 Nov 2018
    A Grime concept concert that brings the truth from ground level. Expect MP rap battles, tactics for revolution and a dealers guide to inflation.
    Paula Varjack
    Paula Varjack presents

    The Cult of K*nzo

    Tue 5 - Sat 9 Feb 2019
    Combines storytelling, sound design & choreography, exploring the weird and wonderful world of fashion. A playful critique on consumer culture. Why do we want the things we want?
    Lanre Malaolu
    Lanre Malaolu presents

    Elephant in the Room

    Tue 02 - Sat 13 April 2019
    An explosive dance theatre solo that explores the stigma attached to mental health in working class black men, toxic masculinity and what happens when the floodgates open...
    Koko Brown
    Koko Brown presents


    Thu 11 April 2019
    A candid show exploring depression and black women's mental health, blending spoken word, vocal looping, and British Sign Language integrated.
    Yellowbelly Photography

    No More Mr Nice Guy

    Tue 17 - Thu 19 May at 9pm & Fri 20 - Sat 21 at 7.15pm 2022
    Keloughn is a secondary school teacher caught in a love cube: his aspiration for senior leadership; his passion for music, and his fiancé, Carmelle. When his worlds collide he finds himself desperately clinging to his sanity whilst life unravels. Something has to give, but at what cost?

    Seed Commission Scratch Night #1

    Sun 12 Jun at 7.15pm 2022
    Join the first two of our Seed Commission artists for their very first scratch night at Camden People's Theatre
    Holly Revell
    Am Stubberfield presents

    The UnRealities of Love

    Fri 17 - Sat 18 Jun at 7.15pm 2022
    Ever thought about what you’d order at the First Dates restaurant or scrolled through Insta posts declaring undying love? UnReAlities takes you on a whirlwind romance through a queer lens, exploring how we connect in a world full of multiple 'realities'.

    Big Bang: CPT Seed Commissions

    Mon 2 Oct at 6pm & 7.15pm 2023
    Join us for the second Seed Commissioned Artist edition of CPT’s Big Bang scratch night: an explosion of performance from which new universes of theatre may one day emerge.

    BIG BANG: Tues 21 Nov

    Tues 21 Nov at 8.15pm 2023
    Big Bang is CPT’s regular scratch night: an explosion of performance from which new universes of theatre may one day emerge.
    @BeadyFilms/ Babara Dudek
    Sierra Sevilla presents

    For the Love of SPAM

    Thu 16 - Sat 18 May at 7.15pm 2024
    For the Love of Spam is a one-woman comedic stand-up, puppetry, participatory, and multisensory show dedicated to two things: canned meat and colonialism.

    "CPT is as a beacon of fringe goodness, a theatre that champions diversity, inclusivity and the best kind of weird uniqueness"