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  • Whats On

    Work In Progress

    Image: Angela Christofilou
    A 19th or early 20th century sepia photograph. An outside scene. An older man in a tweed suit with a pipe stands staring at an old camera on a stand. On the other side of the camera a woman dressed in a black robe is staring at the viewer.

    Big Bang: 11 Dec

    Mon 11 Dec 7.15pm
    CPT’s Big Bang scratch night: an explosion of performance from which new universes of theatre may one day emerge.
    The collage image features, on the left, a sepia print of a femme human propping their face on their left hand, looking directly at the camera, with the words “I wanna be your dog” in different typefaces above them and, on the right, a happy German Shephe
    Martin Moriarty presents

    Virginia Woolf's Dog Training Academy

    Wed 17 - Thu 18 Jan at 9pm
    Martin wants his dog Lucky to live in freedom off the lead. So he embarks on a quest to find the queer alternative to obedience classes they both need.
    A toy robot in spotlight, its shadow cast across the wall behind it. To its right, a human figure (wearing glasses) staring at it in silouhette/shadow.
    anorak presents


    Fri 19 January at 9pm
    A show about robots and humans, performed by a robot (controlled by a human). An exploration of artificial intelligence, human imagination and building things in our own image.
    Hugh, a young white man, is wearing a long black dress with a high neck, looking austere. Sitting next to him on a chair is a white English Bull Terrier. The image is sepia-toned and looks old.


    Tue 23 - Wed 24 Jan at 7.15pm
    DOG is pure beast and anything but polite. Inspired by incidents of Victorian dognapping, this solo show explodes the 'well-made play' to reveal a queer, canine future.
    A monkey holding up a mirror and its reflection looking at the camera.

    The Mirror Test

    Fri 26 Jan - Sat 27 Jan at 7.15pm
    CPT's latest in-house production: In song, sketch and story, this work-in-progress asks who gets to define intelligence, why AI has to be so scary, and whether our fellow beasts might save us from ourselves.