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  • Whats On

    Physical Theatre

    Image: Mayers Ensemble (c) Lizzie Coombes
    A man on top of another man's shoulders diagonally, and an overhead projector at the background with multiple sentences.
    Nefeli Kentoni presents

    Wall of Babel

    Wed 6 Mar at 7.15pm
    Three bodies on stage, confronting each other’s tongue; mother tongue. They are in a state of constant translation; until words are not enough, until movement, music, memories are not enough.
    Black and white photograph montage of Paddington Bear, and two baby photos. On a background of Union Jack, Sex Pistols style font reads 'This is What Dreams Are Made Of'.

    This Is What Dreams Are Made Of (A declassified British survival guide)

    Wed 6 Mar at 9pm
    A surreal and joyful step-by-step manual for those looking to assimilate into British culture. Told through music, dance, poetry and verbatim interviews.
    Cartoon-like image of the character Lucho wearing a yellow Lucha Libre (Mexican Wrestling) mask against a bright blue background.
    Tadeo Martinez presents

    Lucho Libre

    Sun 10 Mar at 7.15pm
    An original one-man show about a Mexican kid standing up to his primary school bully. The story is told bilingually through the lens of Mexican Wrestling and golden-age Disney Channel.
    Simon pokes his head through the skin of a snare drum against a white backdrop
    Simon Roth presents

    Behind the Beat

    Tue 12 Mar at 9pm
    See the world through a drumskin. Behind the Beat is Simon’s first stage show. Join him as he attempts to set up his drum kit amidst hurdles, sidetracks and mysterious interventions.
    Illustration of a creature transforming into a winged animal.

    3xThursday: Metamorphosis

    Thu 14 Mar at 9pm
    Metamorphosis is the lovechild of grandiose costume design and physical theatre. A poetic ensemble piece featuring synergetic movement patterns and transformative costumes pioneering a new form of storytelling.
    A pencil sketch of three headshots. The first is a white woman with curly brown hair, with the face of a dog drawn over it. The second is a white man with dark brown hair, with three leeks drawn over it. The third is a white man with red hair.
    Pliable presents

    Near to

    Sat 16 Mar at 9pm
    A best friend… a dog…some mouldy leeks… In a run-down community centre, three grieving people gather to remember someone they have lost.
    An image of a startled man standing beside a Urinal. He has a black eye.
    Levi Meltzer presents


    Tue 19 Mar at 9pm
    A very dangerous clown’s Work-In-Progress Show about very safe hands.
    A green background. In black and white, a drawing of camping chairs arranged into the shape of a fort.
    As If presents


    Wed 20 Mar at 9pm
    Combining dance and audio drama, As If presents a new show about what we owe each other. A strange, tender, precise unfolding. A quest to nowhere at all.
    Performers, Kimberley Harvey and Anne-Gaëlle Thiriot are dressed in vintage late 1980's/early 1990's shell suits in shades of turquoise, white and fuchsia. Positioned side-on to the camera, hands on hips, looking over their shoulder towards the horizon.

    3xThursday: Team With No Name

    Thu 21 Mar at 6pm
    15 years expertise as: Award-winning dreamers Contemporary dance geeks Masters of the unspectacular Friends Kimberley and Anne-Gaëlle present: Team with No Name A fuchsia championship.
    Artistic collage of company members' faces, each cut out on glossy photographic paper and crumpled to contort their features. The crumpled faces are playfully jumbled together on a vibrant red background, showcasing a dynamic representation of the team.

    3xThursday: Dead & Kicking

    Thu 21 Mar at 7.30pm
    Brand new company Mulch Productions presents a darkly comic musical play inspired by the true story of Jeanne Pouchain: a woman, very much alive, declared legally dead.
    Black and white photograph of a Tall man viewed from behind and lit from a spotlight above. His head is bent down, and he is standing on one leg with his arms and other leg stretched downwards. In the background are four seated audience members in shadow.
    Sam Does Theatre presents


    Thu 21 Mar at 9pm
    What makes a creepy guy? Sam's begun noticing them everywhere. A work-in-progress performance about dangerous and marginalised people, and how we tell the two apart.
    A half shape of a puppet on a chair with a woman lying over a black bench holding the puppet's hand.
    Anita Pomario presents

    A Doodle

    Wed 3 - Thu 4 April at 9pm
    A physical, multidisciplinary piece that follows the story of Gasparina: an artist who invents people by sketching them on paper. A poetic journey through grief to overcome loss & loneliness.
    Two drag people stare ahead disparagingly.  The left hand person wears a red wig and black sequinned jacket. They glare through blue lipstick.  The right hand person purses their red lips.  They both hold microphones and stand in front of a gold curtain.


    Tue 16 - Wed 17 Apr at 9pm
    A tragicomedy about our trans relationships with Jewish grief rituals. What surfaces as we bury the dead? Expect live art theatre, live music, and an enormous Trans Anus!
    A central figure made up of fragmented images of different people’s facial features. The figure’s shoulders glitch and become a colourful liquid containing two small houses dripping downwards.


    Tue 16 - Wed 17 Apr at 7.15pm
    This town is falling apart. Let's dance the night away. VAULT Show of the Week nominee, Coin Toss Collective's sell-out show about a community battling coastal erosion returns to London.
    A woman wearing green trousers and a white top, with short blonde hair and fair skin, stands under a tree, with many orange leaves at her feet. She is mid-movement, with her right arm raised and her eyes looking towards it, taking off of a jean jacket.
    Joanna Woźnicka presents


    Tue 22 - Thu 24 Apr at 9pm
    A multidisciplinary theatre piece exploring how migration affects our familial relationships; the confusing mixture of cultural, generational, and language barriers which prevent us from understanding one other.
    Photo of two people in a kebab shop They have various Elizabethan props and costumes: A crown, a ruff, a cup. They're looking straight at camera somewhat defiantly One of them is holding an Oxford English Dictionary
    a2b theatre presents

    English Kings Killing Foreigners

    Tue 23 April - Sat 11 May at 7.15pm
    A tell-all dark comedy that peels back the skin of English cultural identity to reveal the steaming battlefields that lies beneath. Would you die for your country?
    Black and white portrait of a young woman. She is in motion and turns her head to the left and right, trying to decide which way to move forward.
    Zhanna Chernenko presents

    In Between

    Tue 14 May at 9pm
    Explore the profound impact of personal choices and historical narratives through the intertwining stories of three women, beautifully depicted through contemporary dance, text, and video.
    1. Shuyan tells the story of 'The Mudman' through shadow puppetry with muds 2. Shuyan opens an umbrella and confetti falls around her


    Tue 14 - Wed 15 May at 7.15pm
    Shuyan is your typical Chinese student– smart, hardworking, filial but uninspired and with mountain-high expectations. With a perfect life track record, she is bound to breakthrough something beyond your imagination.
    Sierra peers and smiles with one eye from behind a stack of Spam cans.
    Sierra Sevilla presents

    For the Love of SPAM

    Thu 16 - Sat 18 May at 7.15pm
    For the Love of Spam is a one-woman comedic stand-up, puppetry, participatory, and multisensory show dedicated to two things: canned meat and colonialism.
    6 actors in a row stand tall with determination. They are wearing different and colourful clothes, each representing archetypes of British history and society. The man in the middle stands out with his arms in the air.
    Maria Who? presents

    Miss Brexit

    Wed 29 - Fri 31 May at 9pm
    Miss Brexit is an extravagant satire about migrant actors in a place that no longer welcomes them. Through live music and interactivity, this show will not leave you indifferent...