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  • Sierra Sevilla


    Sierra is a CHamoru/Filipina theatre maker in London, originally from the island of Guam. She’s passionate about shifting immigrant narratives, telling unique and diasporic stories that directly challenge the current political immigration rhetoric/policies. Using her Applied Theatre background, she uses multidisciplinary techniques to bring these stories to life.

    Sierra is one of the 2023 recipients of CPT's Seed Commissions.

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    Big Bang: CPT Seed Commissions

    Mon 11 Sep at 6pm and 7.15pm
    Join us for a special Seed Commissioned Artist edition of CPT’s Big Bang scratch night: an explosion of performance from which new universes of theatre may one day emerge.
    @BeadyFilms/ Babara Dudek
    Sierra Sevilla presents

    For the Love of SPAM

    Thu 16 - Sat 18 May at 7.15pm
    For the Love of Spam is a one-woman comedic stand-up, puppetry, participatory, and multisensory show dedicated to two things: canned meat and colonialism.

    Blog Posts by Sierra Sevilla

    Woman with long curly hair and wearing a red long sleeve top. She is laying on the floor and staring at a can of Spam
    Posted: 30-04-2024 Tag: artist blogs

    Home is where the Spam is

    The value of food is not often thought about until we’re thrust into a space where the food is unrecognisable and political rhetoric reminds us that we don’t belong. So why does food become so valuable when we live far from home? Sierra Sevilla reflects on how For the Love of Spam emphasises food as a cultural signifier and how you should think twice before judging someone’s (literal) plate.

    "Hats off to the CPT for this fine show, well researched and coming from a place of great passion... Comm­unity theatre at its most effective."

    Camden New Journal (Human Jam)