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    Climate Change

    Image: Luke Wintour
    A woman's silhouette is backlit against a dark background, surrounded by strange, angular shapes lit in pink and blue.
    Miranda Prag presents

    An Attempt to Lose Time

    Tue 5 - Wed 6 Dec at 9pm
    Would it be possible to live without time? A playful meditation on time blending the personal and the collective, a questioning of the status quo and an invitation to see time differently.
    Split in half, the left side is block blue, the right side is block red. placed ontop of the block blue colour is the all white head of a rhino. placed ontop of the block red colour is an all white face of a bearded man in his 30's. the rhino and man are
    Strange Futures presents

    The Endling

    Wed 17 - Thu 18 Jan 7.15pm
    SF reflect upon the extinction crisis, using their unique, quirky and laugh-out-loud physicality in this original and provoking show.