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  • Whats On

    Solo Performance

    Hector Rodríguez
    Maddie Wakeling presents


    Mon 15 Apr at 7.15pm
    A solo-show inspired by the emergence of new traveller culture from festivals and free parties, Roadside is a chaotic and tender exploration of what home can mean.
    Roshi standing in front a screen shot of show visuals made by Al Orange. She is manipulating a voice pedal that is sitting atop a table with her left hand and gesturing with her right hand.
    Roshi Nasehi presents

    Ramalama Ding Dong

    19 Apr at 9pm
    A captivating and frequently hilarious meta-comic, multi-media theatre show exploring stand up, sound art, singing and animation inspired by IRL experiences of surreal racism.
    A woman wearing green trousers and a white top, with short blonde hair and fair skin, stands under a tree, with many orange leaves at her feet. She is mid-movement, with her right arm raised and her eyes looking towards it, taking off of a jean jacket.
    Joanna Woźnicka presents


    Tue 22 - Thu 24 Apr at 9pm
    A multidisciplinary theatre piece exploring how migration affects our familial relationships; the confusing mixture of cultural, generational, and language barriers which prevent us from understanding one other.
    A white nonbinary person in a huge blonde curly wig is laughing forcefully with their mouth wide open to someone out of shot. They are covered in a pink light.
    Kathrine Payne presents


    Tues 30 Apr at 9pm
    An explosive examination of a queer relationship gone bad. Drag, lip sync and clowning collide in a pop cultural mash-up of chaos and confusion. Being queer is the best, right?
    1. Shuyan tells the story of 'The Mudman' through shadow puppetry with muds 2. Shuyan opens an umbrella and confetti falls around her


    Tue 14 - Wed 15 May at 7.15pm
    Shuyan is your typical Chinese student– smart, hardworking, filial but uninspired and with mountain-high expectations. With a perfect life track record, she is bound to breakthrough something beyond your imagination.
    Sierra peers and smiles with one eye from behind a stack of Spam cans.
    Sierra Sevilla presents

    For the Love of SPAM

    Thu 16 - Sat 18 May at 7.15pm
    For the Love of Spam is a one-woman comedic stand-up, puppetry, participatory, and multisensory show dedicated to two things: canned meat and colonialism.
    A white man with glasses, gesticulates while telling a story

    The Land That Never Was

    Tue 21 - Wed 22 May at 9pm
    In 1820 Gregor MacGregor sold a country that didn't exist. In 2024 Liam Rees can't stop lying to tourists. Part confessional storytelling, part TED Talk. Mostly bullshit.