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    Image: Stumble Trip's Heather and Harry
    Medium-close up of a man wearing glasses, staring directly at the camera.

    No More Mr Nice Guy

    Tue 17 - Thu 19 May at 9pm & Fri 20 - Sat 21 at 7.15pm
    Keloughn is a secondary school teacher caught in a love cube: his aspiration for senior leadership; his passion for music, and his fiancé, Carmelle. When his worlds collide he finds himself desperately clinging to his sanity whilst life unravels. Something has to give, but at what cost?
    Woman dressed as a potato lying on 2 chairs.
    Freddie Hayes presents


    Fri 20 - Sat 21 May at 9pm
    Potatohead is a starch raving mad adaptation of Doctor Faustus and the Seven Deadly Sins... with puppets. An original piece of new writing by puppeteer and performer Freddie Hayes, directed by Shit Theatre.
    A white cis-gender woman wearing a bright yellow jacket and black killer heeled boots hangs joyfully from a pole with a stand-up microphone in her hand
    Siân Docksey presents

    Siân Docksey: Work-In-Polegress

    Sat 4 Jun at 9pm
    Can pole dancing be funny? Mostly for tax reasons, BBC New Comedy Award nominee Siân Docksey tries to find out.
    Images of non-Binary, hairy, bearded performer Luis Amália in green wearing a female gymnastics leotard and striking different gymnastics poses (over a black & white background patchwork made of several images of naked Luis Amália showing their body hair
    Luis Amália presents


    Wed 15 - Sat 18 Jun at 9pm
    A queer kid, a horny mascot, a hairy body in a sauna, a gymnast performing at the Olympics, a Hollywood legend. Luis Amália has one hour to perform them all.
    Photograph shows Am Stubberfield (slim white trans masuline person with short blue hair wearing black t shirt) Am has their arms crossed and grips a single red rose between their teeth with a growling sexy expression on their face
    Am Stubberfield presents

    The UnRealities of Love

    Fri 17 - Sat 18 Jun at 7.15pm
    Ever thought about what you’d order at the First Dates restaurant or scrolled through Insta posts declaring undying love? UnReAlities takes you on a whirlwind romance through a queer lens, exploring how we connect in a world full of multiple 'realities'.