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  • Whats On

    Live Art

    Image: Joseph Morgan Schofield
    A central figure made up of fragmented images of different people’s facial features. The figure’s shoulders glitch and become a colourful liquid containing two small houses dripping downwards.


    Tue 16 - Wed 17 Apr at 7.15pm
    This town is falling apart. Let's dance the night away. VAULT Show of the Week nominee, Coin Toss Collective's sell-out show about a community battling coastal erosion returns to London.
    A white nonbinary person in a huge blonde curly wig is laughing forcefully with their mouth wide open to someone out of shot. They are covered in a pink light.
    Kathrine Payne presents


    Tues 30 Apr at 9pm
    An explosive examination of a queer relationship gone bad. Drag, lip sync and clowning collide in a pop cultural mash-up of chaos and confusion. Being queer is the best, right?
    A collage of family album photos. In the foreground is a mixed white and asian child in traditional Japanese attire. In the background, sepia-toned photos and polaroids of Japanese women and children.
    Undone Theatre presents

    So That You May Go Beyond The Sea

    Thu 2 - Sat 4 May at 9pm
    Meet real-life partners Joey and Gabs. This is a show about the show they never made. The true story of how a 1904 opera caused the breakdown of their relationship.
    Hand holding hot dog, both covered in a lot of blood.
    Gash Theatre presents


    Fri 10 - Sat 11 May at 9pm
    A multimedia theatre experience about Shelley Duvall, gore, girls, and glitter. Duvall’s “inconvenient” emotionality sets us veering between burlesque routines, buckets o’ blood, & the terror/joy of becoming the blob.
    An explosion in the back with two woman and a man in front standing with different poses in a triangle configuration, all black and white. Three lines of Chinese text blending into the background,

    Project Atom Boi

    Wed 15 - Sat 18 May at 9pm
    The award-winning Atom Boi from VAULT 2023 returns. An episodic and nostalgic dive into a secret Chinese nuclear town with live filming, meme and a nuclear explosion.
    Two people in high viz jackets standing in front of the river and Big Ben

    Cry For Me

    Thu 23 - Sat 25 May at 9pm
    A dystopian cabaret about migrant labour, Cry For Me is a carousel of migrant lament for the living dead under capitalism.