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    Image: Natasha Pszenicki
    A fitness instructor wearing leg warmers and sweat bands is crouched and smiling in a dynamic pose
    Amelia Gann presents


    Thu 11th - Sun 14th August at 7.15pm
    Join fitness instructor Cathy and an array of eclectic characters for a dysfunctional dance party that tells the story of Cathy’s youth, queer awakening, and complicated relationship with Zumba.
    One blonde doll sits in the middle of frame, 4 other dolls (3 brunette and one with pink hair) tussle to get in the middle. the doll to the right of the blonde doll is also lifting up her top
    Sabean Bea presents

    Dolls & Guys

    Fri 12th - Sun 11th August at 9pm
    Objet d’art or person? Life can be brutal in its expectations of women. In this surrealist fantasy not too unlike the reality we know, we meet five dolls who give us an insight into their world on the shelf.
    14 young adult theatre makers sit on a sofa with balloons around them. They wear colourful clothes. Some wear face paint, some smile, some pout, some hold a cake or cup. The feeling is one of expression, joy and a mix of wonderful personalities.

    this is not a party.

    Sat 20th August & Sun 28th August at 7.15pm
    How do celebrations affect our personal connections? Explore the young adult experience with three distinct performances from a new collective innovating how we create and work in theatre.
    Two South Asian men look out at the camera. Their faces are superimposed on a multicoloured graphic of orange, yellow, reds, and greens.

    Rajesh and Naresh

    Sun 21 Aug - Tue 23 Aug at 9pm
    A feel-good love story. When Rajesh visits Mumbai he encounters Naresh - not exactly the Indian wife his mother hoped for. The Queer South Asian rom-com you've been waiting for.
    A man and a woman dressed in aprons and caps, holding cooking tongs and a vinegar pot, stand behind a fish and chip shop counter.


    Wed 24th - Sat 27th Aug at 9pm
    Wacky, wonderful and weird, FRYDAYS is an absurd musical comedy about family, friendship and fish and chips. Can two wide eyed twins reclaim their father’s shop before it’s too late?
    a black and white picture of a person wearing a textured paper hat covering their whole head
    Spores Theatre presents

    this is not about death.

    Mon 29 Aug at 5pm & Tue 30 Aug at 8pm
    Everyone becomes a mushroom - sooner or later. Amidst the chaos of the human population turning into fungi, two friends meet in the forests to play games and talk philosophy. Will their friendship withstand the changes yet to come?
    A nostalgic old photograph: the colour is slightly faded. In it, a young girl with curly blonde ringlets, wearing a black and white swimming costume, is on the beach. She is below the horizon, playing with the sand in her chubby hands.
    Beth Bowden presents


    Tue 30th Aug at 5pm & Wed 31st Aug at 8pm
    Rooted in a place of joy, breath, and deep listening, RIGHT OF WAY is an embodied reflection on chronic illness, accessibility, Young Carers, and radical joy.
    Ouroboros by Plastic Crown


    Wed 31 Aug at 5pm & Thu 1st Sept at 8pm
    An author trying to write a myth, but the characters start to make their own decisions. The reality collides with the fantasy. Who is really writing this story?
    Clothing (blue jeans and a stripy top) filled with popcorn, lying on a sofa yellow sofa. You can see there was once a person that has now disintegrated into nothingness.

    POP POP POP: Till you stop!

    Thu 1st Sept at 5pm & 7pm, Fri 2nd Sept at 7pm & 9pm
    ‘Pop pop pop’ explores the constant struggle of being overstimulated yet being stuck in the repetitive loop we call modern life.
    Four people stand facing the camera a lit match in their hand. It is dim. The only light in the image is from the light from the small flames. From left to right; Yuanfan Pan is an Asian woman with brown hair and brown eyes, Roshi Cowen is a medium build

    Idle: What Next?

    Fri 2nd Sept at 5pm & 8pm
    AMBERSAND collective’s new show examines the realities of existing when it seems like everything is falling apart. We are stuck, you are stuck. What do we do next? Can theatre help? We’ll see.
    A black-and-white image at a tube station showing a bare platform, rail tracks and overhead lights
    The Others presents

    Tunnel Vision

    Sat 3rd Sept at 5:30pm
    Doors are closing. Please mind the gap between you and ‘the others'.
    Landscape - view from above, a group of desks arranged in right angles. Audience members are sitting at the desks as one of the performers stands at the front explaining a task, holding a stack of post-its in his hands.  Portrait - two performers frantica
    Deadweight presents

    Keep me in the Loop

    Sun 4th Sept at 3pm, 4.30pm, 7pm & 8.30pm
    Don’t you wish your 9-5 job was longer? More intense? So do we!