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  • Alisha/Alysha


    Alisha/Alysha are Malaysian-born artists whose work explores body politics, critical race theory and the impact of colonialism manifested through perceptions of the self. 

    We utilise experimental theatre as a vehicle for social change, showcasing a unique perspective of objectification theory that has limited occupancy within dominant culture.


    Alisha Alysha CPT shows

    Big Bang: Mon 13 March

    Mon 13 Mar at 7.15pm
    Big Bang is CPT’s regular scratch night: an explosion of performance from which new universes of theatre may one day emerge.
    Alisha/Alysha presents

    Gadis Ayu Terakhir

    Tue 26 - Wed 27 Sep at 7.15pm
    What are the colonial hangovers dictating perceptions of marginalised bodies? Gadis Ayu Terakhir is a return to the ritualistic through absurdism and folklore, representing the reclamation of lost identities.

    Blog Posts by Alisha Alysha

    A blurry black and white photograph of two Malay performers mid show
    Posted: 13-03-2023 Tag: artist blogs

    Theatre for the diasporic community: Investigating an alternative lens

    Gadis Ayu Terakhir (The Final Graceful Woman) is informed by absurdism, folklore, and forms of Malaysian theatre including Wayang Kulit and Mak Yong. Alisha + Alysha reveal the inspiration behind their return to the ritualistic.

    Tobi King Bakare and this theatre deserve a shout-out for such a young, diverse audience. There is so much talk about audiences being full of over 60s and why, why can’t theatres get the crowds in to reflect society in general? Well, I’m happy to say that on a rainy Thursday evening, the theatre was completely full.

    Caiti Grove on Before I Go in CPT's Spring 2023 season London Theatre Reviews