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    SPRINT Festival

    Image: DANI&TING

    Get 25% off if you book two or more shows in one go.

    It's the million-and-one-th (we’ve lost count) edition of London’s best established carnival of new and unusual theatre, SPRINT Festival.

    For three weeks in March, we assemble the most scintillating new artists making performance today – artists with bold ideas, artists who won’t play by the rules, and artists in many instances making their first professional work. With SPRINT, you never quite know what you're going to get but you can be damn certain you'll have a good night out.

    "CPT is as a beacon of fringe goodness, a theatre that champions diversity, inclusivity and the best kind of weird uniqueness" - LondonTheatre1

    A man on top of another man's shoulders diagonally, and an overhead projector at the background with multiple sentences.
    Nefeli Kentoni presents

    Wall of Babel

    Wed 6 Mar at 7.15pm
    Three bodies on stage, confronting each other’s tongue; mother tongue. They are in a state of constant translation; until words are not enough, until movement, music, memories are not enough.
    Black and white photograph montage of Paddington Bear, and two baby photos. On a background of Union Jack, Sex Pistols style font reads 'This is What Dreams Are Made Of'.

    This Is What Dreams Are Made Of (A declassified British survival guide)

    Wed 6 Mar at 9pm
    A surreal and joyful step-by-step manual for those looking to assimilate into British culture. Told through music, dance, poetry and verbatim interviews.
    Audience members watching performers on a stage which looks similar to a catwalk platform.
    Mama Quilla presents

    The Women Who

    Thu 7 Mar at 8pm
    An evening of fierce new projects by women writers to celebrate International Women's Day. Presented by award-winning woman-led company Mama Quilla Productions.
    Leopard print background with being slaggy written on it. All in pink.
    Katie Beswick presents

    Being Slaggy

    Fri 8 Mar at 7.15pm
    What does it feel like to be a slag? This installation explores the terrain of slaggyness, engaging with feelings of shame, sex, desire and joy through poetry presented at scale.
    A collage of performers in eclectic costumes against an abstract background with a QR code, representing the diverse and interactive theatrical experience of 'The Dirty Thirty' by Degenerate Fox.

    The Dirty Thirty: DFUK the Patriarchy

    Fri 8 Mar at 9pm
    A celebration of all things female, femme, feminine and feminist in honour of International Women’s Day
    A crop out of Fraser in A blue bucket with his feet sticking out. His feet appear oversized as they're in the foreground. The image is against a hot pink background.

    Desperate Wee Gay Boy

    Sat 9 Mar at 9pm
    Parties! Sex! The quest for love! Ollie, a gay man from Leith, navigates queer life in the Big Smoke. Has London broken his heart or has shame engulfed him?
    Hand drawn black and white sketches of four mouths biting their lips. Each mouth is drawn in a different artistic style. The word Declare is written on each mouth.


    Sat 9 Mar at 7.15pm
    What do you need to declare to the person you're dating?
    Cartoon-like image of the character Lucho wearing a yellow Lucha Libre (Mexican Wrestling) mask against a bright blue background.
    Tadeo Martinez presents

    Lucho Libre

    Sun 10 Mar at 7.15pm
    An original one-man show about a Mexican kid standing up to his primary school bully. The story is told bilingually through the lens of Mexican Wrestling and golden-age Disney Channel.
    Girl sits on bed she is smiling holding her phone in her hand in front of her selfie style behind her her face is projected onto a large screen
    Eleanor Hill presents


    Sun 10 Mar at 9pm
    Take pictures, take videos, livestream the whole thing if you like. Not for the fainthearted, this ‘endearingly, recklessly look-no-hands bold’ (Lyn Gardner) tragicomedy ‘makes Fleabag look like CBeebies.'
    Corrine Walker: A black woman with hair in black braids stands on one leg on a black box. Behind her is a screen with a clock on it. Fuse: Dancer, Lucy, is kneeling on the floor with her arm extended upwards and leg bent behind her. Golden circles shine b

    Big Bang: 11 March

    Mon 11 Mar at 7.15pm
    Big Bang is CPT’s regular scratch night: an explosion of performance from which new universes of theatre may one day emerge. Kind of like
    Simon pokes his head through the skin of a snare drum against a white backdrop
    Simon Roth presents

    Behind the Beat

    Tue 12 Mar at 9pm
    See the world through a drumskin. Behind the Beat is Simon’s first stage show. Join him as he attempts to set up his drum kit amidst hurdles, sidetracks and mysterious interventions.
    Line drawings of kitchen weighing scales, the scales of justice, a woman wearing jeans that are too big, holding the waistband out and scales with feet on them. Blue and purple watercolor splash with the title 'The Weight of Being' (a work in progress).Li

    The Weight Of Being

    Tue 12 Mar at 7.15pm
    An interactive show measuring all aspects of being human, from experiences and emotions, to answer the question: How much does the perfect life weigh?
    A collage of family photos, all featuring the same mixed race boy aged between 1-15. In every photo, the faces are replaced with coins.

    It's the Economy, Stupid!

    Wed 13 Mar at 9pm
    Joe Sellman-Leava and Dylan Howells try to decipher the myth of money, the weaponisation of economics, and the reason it's so hard to understand the force that dominates their lives!
    Picture of the performer in a red light followed by the title of the piece
    Matthias Moret presents

    Spit In My Face

    Wed 13 Mar at 7.15pm
    A solo show for a solo person trying to navigate his open polyamorous relationship, his modern queer dating life, his sex life and his mental health.
    One performer on stage kneeling under some scaffolding, holding onto the top piece of scaffolding with their right arm. In their left, the performer holds a microphone to their mouth. Close up of a yellow flower & further back is a camera and some ped
    Adèle Le Gallez presents

    3xThursday: Mortar

    Thu 14 Mar at 6pm
    The 9th floor. A man lives and dies for his work. A live soundscape and story about burnout, capitalism and loss.
    Close up of a mouth held open my a mouth widener. Lips are painted with red lipstick.
    Lucy Gaydecki presents

    3xThursday: Lovely Day

    Thu 15 Mar at 7.30pm
    Hello I’m a mum of 2 and new to Mumsnet. I was wondering whether anyone could show me the ropes and help me grasp some phrases such as AIBU?
    Illustration of a creature transforming into a winged animal.

    3xThursday: Metamorphosis

    Thu 14 Mar at 9pm
    Metamorphosis is the lovechild of grandiose costume design and physical theatre. A poetic ensemble piece featuring synergetic movement patterns and transformative costumes pioneering a new form of storytelling.
    A medieval engraving of a knight in full plate armour has been superimposed over a black and white image of a group of men. It's difficult to make out exactly what the men are doing but they look like they're fighting in a football stand.
    YESYESNONO presents


    Fri 15 - Sat 16 Mar at 7.15pm
    Work-in-progress sharing of a new storytelling show by Sam Ward ('we were promised honey'). It's about nationhood, myth-making and the stories we tell about the land on which we live.
    A smiling headshot of the actor Gassan Abdulrazek in black and white, defaced with red 'x's across the eyes

    Gassan Abdulrazek is Dead

    Fri 15 Mar at 9pm
    Gassan Abdulrazek is dead... But let's take a look back at his life! The highs, the lows, the even higher highs - a heartwarming trawl through this a-lister's storied career!
    Pliable presents

    Near to

    Sat 16 Mar at 9pm
    A best friend… a dog…some mouldy leeks… In a run-down community centre, three grieving people gather to remember someone they have lost.
    First image: Raina, a femme white person in their 20's with short hair, stands facing a colorful wall covered in different posters. They are wearing black lingerie and licking the wall provocatively.

    Big Bang: 18 March

    Mon 18 Mar at 7.15pm
    Big Bang is CPT’s regular scratch night: an explosion of performance from which new universes of theatre may one day emerge. Kind of like
    An image of a startled man standing beside a Urinal. He has a black eye.
    Levi Meltzer presents


    Tue 19 Mar at 9pm
    A very dangerous clown’s Work-In-Progress Show about very safe hands.
    3 people wearing grey shirts and purple wigs smile, gasp and glare at each other with a background of an orange wig

    The W.I.G. of Life

    Tue 19 Mar at 7:15pm
    Biological life is extinct. One organism has the power to bring it all back. The choice is yours. An interactive journey through changing moral codes and futuristic visuals.
    A green background. In black and white, a drawing of camping chairs arranged into the shape of a fort.
    As If presents


    Wed 20 Mar at 9pm
    Combining dance and audio drama, As If presents a new show about what we owe each other. A strange, tender, precise unfolding. A quest to nowhere at all.
    A young woman dancing in a soft pool of hazy light. Her arms are up, her eyes closed, her head back. She lets the light bathe her from above as, her raised arms form shadows across her body.
    Rofeda Bougaga presents

    The Body Remembers

    Wed 20 Mar at 7:15pm
    'Shout me when you're 18, beautiful.' Some of them don't even want to wait, they just ask for my snap.
    Performers, Kimberley Harvey and Anne-Gaëlle Thiriot are dressed in vintage late 1980's/early 1990's shell suits in shades of turquoise, white and fuchsia. Positioned side-on to the camera, hands on hips, looking over their shoulder towards the horizon.

    3xThursday: Team With No Name

    Thu 21 Mar at 6pm
    15 years expertise as: Award-winning dreamers Contemporary dance geeks Masters of the unspectacular Friends Kimberley and Anne-Gaëlle present: Team with No Name A fuchsia championship.
    Artistic collage of company members' faces, each cut out on glossy photographic paper and crumpled to contort their features. The crumpled faces are playfully jumbled together on a vibrant red background, showcasing a dynamic representation of the team.

    3xThursday: Dead & Kicking

    Thu 21 Mar at 7.30pm
    Brand new company Mulch Productions presents a darkly comic musical play inspired by the true story of Jeanne Pouchain: a woman, very much alive, declared legally dead.
    Black and white photograph of a Tall man viewed from behind and lit from a spotlight above. His head is bent down, and he is standing on one leg with his arms and other leg stretched downwards. In the background are four seated audience members in shadow.
    Sam Does Theatre presents


    Thu 21 Mar at 9pm
    What makes a creepy guy? Sam's begun noticing them everywhere. A work-in-progress performance about dangerous and marginalised people, and how we tell the two apart.
    Two modified tarot cards from the Rider-Waite Tarot Set - the King and Queen of Pentacles. The two characters sit in their thrones and look pensively at the large Bitcoin in their hand. The art style is Late Victorian illustration. .
    Matthew Neubauer presents

    baby my love for you is Non-Fungible

    Fri 22 Mar at 9pm
    Love. Fate. Money. Art. An amateur soothsayer. A cursed child. AI palmistry. Bad poetry. More money. Pixelated Monkeys. More Fucking Money! And the End of the Goddam World.
    A woman in a white shirt wearing red lipstick with a stern look on her face
    Noemi Gunea presents

    Zen and Zeros

    Fri 22 Mar at 7:15pm
    A group meditation / hypnosis / exorcism on economics, hustle culture and what we can do to survive and thrive wherever geography decides to places us.