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  • Meg Hodgson


    Meg Hodgson is a multi-faceted performer based in London and Essex. They trained at Queen Mary UoL and Ecole Philippe Gaulier and have performed collaboratively within many kinds of performance including drag, immersive club performance and live art. They are also currently studying a BSc in Planetary Science. 

    Meg Hodgson is a Starting Blocks 2022 artist.

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    Charley Williams

    Starting Blocks Showcase 2022

    Sat 26 Mar at 7.00pm
    A showcase of the brand new work created and developed by artists on our trailblazing Starting Blocks scheme

    Starting Blocks Showcase 2022 (Extra release)

    Sat 26 Mar at 7pm
    Extra ticket realse for Chris Yarnell, Jack Boal, Eden Jun & Meg Hodgsons sharings
    Meg Hodgson presents


    Fri 7 Oct - Sat 8 Oct at 7.15pm
    2022. Shady billionaires make plans to colonise and mine the solar system behind all our backs, and one rocky satellite is dangerously close to the edge. One last cycle to figure out where it all went wrong and how (if) we can course-correct before it’s too late.

    Blog Posts by Meg Hodgson

    Posted: 30-11-2021 Tag: news

    Meet Our 2022 Starting Blocks Artists!

    JACK BOAL (he/him)
    Jack is a performer and theatre maker who laces clowning with interactive performance to investigate the...

    Great theatre, lovely young team, brilliant supportive diverse programming, the only theatre I can think of that is currently supporting so many theatremakers.

    Programmed artist