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    Ensemble Not Found is an award-winning interdisciplinary theatre collective spearheaded by 5 East Asian Artist: Kiki, Vivi, Xiaonan, Ting-Ning and John. We create genre breaking works to explore innovative ways of storytelling all the while seeking to represent our East Asian community by showing the extent of our creative approach.٩(˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́)و

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    Woo Woolf

    Fri 9 Jun at 7.15pm
    To practise that subjectivity of seeing and thinking as a female in daily lives in a patriarchal society. Mainly through body and sound.
    Good Orgasm (credit: @finn_ok and @scritchcabaret).

    Big Bang: 18 March

    Mon 18 Mar at 7.15pm
    Big Bang is CPT’s regular scratch night: an explosion of performance from which new universes of theatre may one day emerge. Kind of like
    Designer: He Zhang, Photographer: Kiki Ye, Ting-Ning Wen

    Project Atom Boi

    Wed 15 - Sat 18 May at 9pm
    The award-winning Atom Boi from VAULT 2023 returns. An episodic and nostalgic dive into a secret Chinese nuclear town with live filming, meme and a nuclear explosion.

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    "Hats off to the CPT for this fine show, well researched and coming from a place of great passion... Comm­unity theatre at its most effective."

    Camden New Journal (Human Jam)