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    TRANSIT, founded in 2019, is a London-based queer multidisciplinary arts collective founded by Rebeka Dio and Tatenda Matsvai. The collaboration was founded on friendship and a shared goal to bring about change by representing often overlooked communities and has since grown to include a wide range of artists and creatives. Our practice encompasses an intersectional approach in order to challenge the pervasive structures of oppression. Through personal narratives explored in movement, poetry, music and storytelling, TRANSIT performances aim to cultivate an environment where varying cultures and lived experiences can come together.
    Our approach to work is based on the principles of joy and playfulness. Incorporating methodologies from the African diaspora and holistic Eastern European practices.

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    This Is What Dreams Are Made Of (A declassified British survival guide)

    Wed 6 Mar at 9pm
    A surreal and joyful step-by-step manual for those looking to assimilate into British culture. Told through music, dance, poetry and verbatim interviews.

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