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  • Ghost and John


    Ghost and John are a multidisciplinary art and cultural entrepreneur duo best known for their innovative integration of performance and contemporary technologies, and their collaborative approach to delivering socio-politically pertinent projects. Drawing from their experiences working in biology and computer science, they have developed a dynamic artistic practice that examines the intricacies of the body and nature, technological advances and folklore accompanying history. Their focus is on developing strategies for decolonising mainstream narratives through delivering cultural programmes telling stories of migrants, refugees, queer people, and other marginalised groups. 

    Radio Neighbourhood has been awarded the Ideas and Pioneers Grant by Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Bitter Moves Sweet Truths has been shortlisted for Untapped Award 2023. Ghost and John were ImPulsTanz danceWEBBER and ATLAS Young Choreographer in 2019. With over five projects supported by Arts Council England, they were researchers at Moving Margins 2021-22 and are currently Civic Futures fellow at Greater London Authority. They are co-founders, lead strategists and creatives of Hidden Keileon CIC, an artist-led social enterprise creating the yet-to-exist and hard-to-imagine.

    As queer migrant activist artists, Ghost and John have successfully organised and presented numerous esteemed cultural and charity sector projects, focusing on explorations of social injustice, encompassing political suppression, racism, and homophobia; and fragmented memories of traumatic experiences related to the displacement of home, relationships, social movement, and technological interactions. 

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    Jane Lam
    Ghost and John presents

    The Annual Pitch

    Fri 13 - Sat 14 Oct at 9pm
    Ghost and John present 'The Annual Pitch’, where the happily-married-gay-couple shares ways to stay together and not lose their minds. Can I just water my plants?

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    “It means so much to be working at CPT, it’s such a good opportunity to work in a professional environment at my age. I didn’t think that was ever going to happen and it means the world to me. It’s really going to help prepare me for my future and where I want to go”

    CYT participant and Camden student