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    Degenerate Fox Theatre are the cross-continental lovechild of The Neo-Futurists, from NYC, and a full English breakfast. Brought to London from New York City two years ago, by BBC The Mash Report star Desiree Burch, Degenerage Fox produce theatre that removes all artifice: we are here, we are us, you are you, the time is now. We will engage, titillate, confront, expose, encourage, confess and, above all, entertain.

    With The Dirty Thirty, we invite you to be a part of a show that is part theatre and part sport, where each performance is an irreproducible, ever-changing living newspaper of the political and personal, the profound and profane, the beautiful and beautifully messy.

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    Anja Kulessa

    The Dirty Thirty: DFUK The Patriarchy

    Sat 5 Mar at 9pm
    A celebration and interrogation of all things female, femme, feminine and feminist, The Dirty Thirty: DFUK The Patriarchy is a valiant attempt to perform 30 plays in one hour with YOU choosing the order they’re performed in!
    Sergio Maggiolo

    The Dirty Thirty: DFUK the Patriarchy

    Fri 8 Mar at 9pm
    A celebration of all things female, femme, feminine and feminist in honour of International Women’s Day

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    Thank you for allowing artists to take creative risks, the world needs it now more than ever.

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