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  • April Small


    April Small is an actress with a dance and musical theatre background. Since 2020 after two years at Ecole Philippe Gaulier, she made her first solo piece of theatre and is excited to bring this to CPT. Creating theatre through bringing tragedy and comedy together: theatre, clown, dance and music. April is driven by a passion for theatre, the beauty of humanity and life. As an artist she is inspired by the people who are overlooked, who have been dismissed or misunderstood and the beautiful dream of freedom and the power of love.

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    Andy Hollingsworth
    April Small presents

    Bloody Medea!!

    Wed 27 - Thu 28 Sep at 9pm
    Comedian, dancer, singer, rebel. April Small clowns around with 5,000 years’ worth of the tragic feminine in this truly original tour-de-force of physical comedy.

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    An image of actress and Gaulier trained clown April Small.  She is wearing a black t-shirt, is ruffling her hair, and is sticking her tongue out in a rebellious way.
    Posted: 12-09-2023 Tag: artist blogs

    Bloody Medea: Using ancient tragedy to erase the past

    "To be together can be a pleasure and a pain, but love brings the answer to everything. Medea, and her capacity for love in the most tragic of circumstances, felt like a reprise to my own love for people, theatre, the world and what I longed for to be different."

    April Small talks about creating theatre through bringing tragedy and comedy together in her show Bloody Medea!!.

    "CPT is a force for good... We as a community need this desperately at this time."

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