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  • Big Bang: 18 March

    Mon 18 Mar at 7.15pm
    Tickets £8 - £12 (+ booking fee)
    Big Bang is CPT’s regular scratch night: an explosion of performance from which new universes of theatre may one day emerge. Kind of like 'theatre tapas'.

    Get 25% off when you book more than one show across SPRINT Festival (5 - 22 March).

    These jam-packed platforms are highlights of any CPT season: the place to see wild and wonderful new projects take their first steps.

    Each bill features mix of artists or companies performing fresh-from-the-rehearsal-room work-in-development. They’re doing so because they want to know what works and what doesn’t, and they’d love you to tell them. So please join us for – and share your thoughts on – these exclusive previews of tomorrow’s most exciting theatre, today.

    Fancy a BITE? by Jovienne Jin, Ensemble Not Found, Sanli, Peipei Luo

    Sexual teasing becomes spoon-fed threats, locking her in a world. Darkness morphs into a black cat, talking at length. She's resolved: I need to be free.

    Content and health warnings: Strong language, themes of emotional abuse, depression, sexual threats, harassment mental health. Most of the portrayal won't involve direct physical movement but may be conveyed through dialogue and solo bodily movements. The specific form is yet to be determined. Loud noises. Suitable for 12+ 

    TIGER by Tom Kelsey

    A vivid psycho-drama exploring the horrors of isolation and the corrosive effects of excessive media consumption. We will be exploring the narrativisation of events in reality and how this can lead us to doubt our own realities, utilising power of storytelling through technology.

    Content and health warnings: Reference to or themes of depression, suicide, euthanasia, violence and animal cruelty

    Good Orgasm by Raina Greifer

    What does a good sex life look like after trauma? Good Orgasm is a burlesque based ehow article, a sexy playlist to dance to, a collage of joy despite everything.

    Content and health warnings: References to sex, sexual assault, rape, and drinking. There is also likely to be some mess with food. The piece explores sex-post trauma and will have references to past experiences of rape/sexual assault throughout. No graphic description or scenes will be included. Food/Drinks consumed by performers. Suitable for 16+

    ASHOT by Cansu Ezgi Ince

    In the therapy room, Ashot tentatively opens up to her therapist, revealing fragments of her life in hesitant whispers. Struggling with cultural expectations, familial obligations, and personal insecurities, she navigates the delicate balance between longing for connection and shielding herself from judgment. As she dances around certain topics and grapples with her own discomfort, Ashot's journey unfolds with raw vulnerability and a flicker of hope for understanding. 

    Ashot is a poignant exploration of identity, resilience, and the universal quest for understanding and acceptance, offering a glimpse into the complexities of the human experience. 

    Through Ashot's introspective journey, audiences are invited to confront their own shadows, to embrace vulnerability, and to find strength in the bonds that connect us all.


    Please note that the piece Together Apart is no longer part of this Big Bang Scratch Night.

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    Running Time To be confirmed
    Wheelchair Accessible
    Wheelchair Accessible
    Assistance dogs welcome
    Assistance dogs welcome
    "Too many moments of brilliance to fit into one review."
    The Open Door on previous work of the creator of "Tiger"
    "A challenging and multifaceted show with a figure of raw talent at its heart."
    Confessions of a Five Foot Two Actress [on previous work by the creator of "Good Orgasm"]
    "Astonishing moments of word play, startling metaphor and poetic storytelling drip and drop throughout."
    Bath Fringe Hub [on previous work by the creator of "Good Orgasm"]
    "A constantly surprising, often breath-taking kaleidoscope of endeavour that I found utterly compelling from the off."
    MyTheatreMates on previous work from the creator of "Tiger"
    "an intriguing piece that shows that Part of the Main continue to explore the boundaries which drive fringe theatre."
    LouReviews [on previous work by the director of "Together Apart" and Part of the Main]
    "Frequently hilarious. It’s also intelligent and thought-provoking."
    The Wee Review [on previous work by the director of "Together Apart" and Part of the Main]

    "CPT is as a beacon of fringe goodness, a theatre that champions diversity, inclusivity and the best kind of weird uniqueness"