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  • Serena Ramsey


    Serena Ramsey creates multi disciplinary art that is vulgar, unbridled and stirred up from life experiences.

    The award winning Geordie artist creates multi platform work that champions being common as muck.

    Previous work has toured the country, and received praise for it's eccentric and playful nature.

    "A creative force to be reckoned with!" - Narc Magazine

    "A multifaceted threat with the prowess to seduce any audience." - The Voice Magazine

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    Serena Ramsey presents


    Fri 16 Sept - Sat 17 Sept at 9pm
    Love. Death and Smirnoff ice. The genre bending Serena Ramsey is back on a quest to re-write the folk lore and mythology that makes us CHAVs who we are. Oi Oi x

    Blog Posts by Serena Ramsey

    Photo of Serena posing and licking the tip of a high heel.
    Posted: 07-09-2022 Tag: artist blogs

    A Love Letter to Chavs

    Heya, I’m Serena Ramsey and I’m the creator and producer of CHAV-RODITE!! I create art that’s unbridled, abstract, queer & common as muck. 

    Chav-rodite 16-17 Sep at 9pm

    "The seed commission has made me feel supported, not just as an artist but also a woman of colour whose story needs to be heard."

    CPT Commissioned Artist