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  • Pliable


    Pliable is an eclectic group of young artists. Ted Walliker is an actor and musician from Surrey who has just finished his MA in Screen Acting at Bristol Old Vic. Rory Greig is a musician, writer and performer from Fife, Scotland. Sarah Thorogood is an academic and performer from London; she is currently finishing her MA in Performance Making at Goldsmiths. Giulia Grillo is a theatre director from Italy; she has just graduated from the Lir Academy of Dramatic Art at Trinity College Dublin. Leo Krenzer is a young video maker, actor, and producer from London.

    Near to is Pliable’s first show. They are a group of friends creating together.

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    Leo Krenzer
    Pliable presents

    Near to

    Sat 16 Mar at 9pm
    A best friend, a dog, and some mouldy leeks past their sell-by date. Blending storytelling, movement and music, Near To is a fierce love letter to life, in all its absurd variations.

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