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  • Hester-Stefan Chillingworth


    Hester-Stefan Chillingworth makes performance work, installations and texts. Playful, low-key and interventionist, Hester-Stefan frequently plays with language, duration, mischief and confusion. They are a Jerwood New Playwright at The Royal Court Theatre, currently under commission, and a Fellow of the Birkbeck Centre for Contemporary Theatre and Associate Artist at Cambridge Junction.

    The Extinction Trilogy is a post-human laugh in the face of impending Armageddon. Three works (Monster Show, Blood Show and Nature Show) explore the human body and its limits for representation, voluntary species extinction, erasure, and transness.

    This is the largest performance work to-date by Hester Stefan Chillingworth, and rooted in their lived experience of being non-binary, The Extinction Trilogy is a slow investigation into trying to obliterate humans from performance, in order to make us think more closely about how we look at bodies.

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    Claire Haigh

    Monster Show

    Tue 31 Oct - Fri 3 Nov at 7.15pm
    An uncompromising attempt to re-dub all the audio from the iconic film Frankenstein, using just one voice. A trans purging of out-dated narratives and championing of being many things at once.

    Blog Posts by Hester Stefan Chillingworth

    Hester-Stefan performing on stage, dressed in a bulky Frankenstein Monster costume.
    Posted: 09-10-2023 Tag: artist blogs

    What you looking at? Violent gazes, slippery categories and the power in becoming monstrous.

    Hester-Stefan Chillingworth answers some questions about their cross-genre show Monster Show, coming to CPT 31 Oct - 3 Nov.

    "Welcoming, inclusive, creative and life-affirming. I have learnt a lot myself in so many ways that will seep into all parts of my life. My self-confidence has massively increased"

    Human Jam participant