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  • Christian Neal


    As an independent artist company, BADD Risk is an innovative dream that has finally found its place in reality. BADD Risk, run and founded by Christian Neal, has so far birthed two shows, the first being Give Me My Sin Again, at the University of East London in 2019, and the second being a 15-minute Engine Room of Perpetual at Omnibus Theatre, in 2022, when the idea first came to life. BADD Risk Productions is about seeing the truth that lies in delusion, and in every work attempts to leave a seed of thought with the audience. The goal of BADD Risk has always been to share the narratives that can push the boundaries of societal thought, but also to push the boundaries that exist within oneself and that is done by creating work that explicitly shows a mind, body, and sometimes, soul connection.

    Christian Neal CPT shows

    Christian Neal presents

    3 x Thursday: Perpetual

    Thu 15 Jun at 9pm
    BADD Risk's Perpetual follows a woman, a bed, and the body's civil unrest. How do we wake up? How do we over cum?

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