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  • Amy Gibbons, Claudio Del Toro & Samuel Gaulier


    Writer and comedian Amy Gibbons (École Philippe Gaulier) tours and works internationally, co-founded Gibbons & Gaulier theatre with whom she won an award for new writing ((LIICAA Fest 2016) and is a founding director of Slate Barn Arts community arts centre.

    Actor Claudio Del Toro, (DAMS, Italy, École Philippe Gaulier) was selected for the LGBT theatre festival of Turin with an original play and worked for ILO - The United Nations, in the ‘Scream in Action’ project: supporting children’s rights. At Ed Fringe Festival he got a five star review from the British Theatre Guide and The Mumble for the Clown Show "Goodbye, I'm Leaving!" 
    Director Samuel Gaulier (École Philippe Gaulier) co-founder of Gibbons & Gaulier has worked as Assistant Director to Cal McCrystal and SAAM Persian Theatre Company. He has extensive experience in clown, including as La Puta Calle’s sole resident clown in Paris.

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    Beryl & Clive

    Fri 26 July at 7pm
    This hilarious and uplifting comedy about relationships and self-belief will leave you laughing and creatively inspired. “Not just funny, hilarious...

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    “It means so much to be working at CPT, it’s such a good opportunity to work in a professional environment at my age. I didn’t think that was ever going to happen and it means the world to me. It’s really going to help prepare me for my future and where I want to go”

    CYT participant and Camden student