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  • Community Opportunities

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    Here you will find any call outs or opportunities for the community to work with CPT.

    Community Opportunities:

    Kelly stands in a London park with three tower blocks in the background. She is wearing a large pink hoodie, a gold spikey crown, a check dress and yellow converses. it is an autumnal day with leaves on the ground.
    Posted: 26-09-2023 Tag: Community Callouts

    Mother*s Meeting at Camden People's Theatre: Call Out!

    Are you a mother*? Would you like to have some crafty performance fun to moan and chat about all things mumsy?

    Three performers in silhouette on a dark stage with smoke billowing around them, lit up from beneath.
    Posted: 24-08-2023 Tag: Community Callouts

    Camden Youth Theatre Taster Workshops

    Camden Youth Theatre is our nationally award winning theatre company for teenagers that live or go to school in Camden. Sessions and free and run weekly during term time, with regular performance opportunities in professional venues. 

    We're looking for new recruits to join both our Monday and Tuesday groups!

    A women wearing a sparkly silver leotard holds two hula hoops in front of the Tolmer's Square audience.
    Posted: 14-06-2023 Tag: Community Callouts

    Tolmer's Square FREE Arts Festival 2023!

    Get ready for a free arts festival in the heart of Tolmer’s Square, Camden (NW1), hosted by Camden People's Theatre! 

    Saturday 1st July 3.30pm - 6.30pm.

    Ewan, a brown haired man and one of the guest artists leading the workshop, is singing in a dark bedroom with a guitar leading against the wall behind him
    Posted: 25-05-2023 Tag: Community Callouts

    Oral History Workshop with Sweet Thames

    Do you want to learn how to turn oral history into script?

    A free day-school of three workshops co-hosted by Camden People’s Theatre and Star Creative Heritage!

    Camden People’s Theatre, 11am – 4:30pm, Saturday 8th July 2023.

    Please sign up using this link!

    Four photos: Writing on a brick wall saying
    Posted: 05-05-2023 Tag: Community Callouts

    History and Heritage Day

    Do you know the fascinating history of your (very) local area? Join us on Sun 21 May 2-5pm to learn about the history of our small corner in NW1! With free workshops food and drink, and a Q&A with wonderful local counsellor and ex-Mayor of Camden Nasim Ali on his experiences growing up in the neighbourhood.

    Text reads: Expressing Ourselves: people living with HIV in our own words
    Posted: 30-03-2023 Tag: Community Callouts

    EXPRESSING OURSELVES: Living with HIV in Our Own Words

    Post-Show Discussion & Exhibition Launch

    Wednesday 5th April

    Painting of Billy Waters in the 1800s
    Posted: 26-01-2023 Tag: Community Callouts

    Hidden Voices Workshop

    Join playwrights, theatre-makers and poets Emily Momoh, Nicole Aquah and Nelissa Mendy for 5 days of fun (and free) creative workshops. We’ll uncover local Black British history and explore our creativity based on the figure of Billy Waters - a famous disabled, African street performer who busked in London in the 1880s. Hidden Voices commemorates the bicentenary of his death in 1823.

    For 15-19 year olds at Old Diorama Arts Centre. Free breakfast included.

    Photograph of Simone French performing holding a phone and a ring light.
    Posted: 26-06-2022 Tag: Community Callouts

    Digital Theatre Workshops for Schools

    'Digital Theatre Making' invites participants to experiment with devising and creating performative digital theatre using mobile phones supplied by CPT. It is led by theatre-maker, actor, and creative facilitator Simone French from the theatre company TomYumSim. 

    Photograph of a performer with hula hoops in a sequined leotard in front of an audience in Tolmer's Square.
    Posted: 16-06-2022 Tag: Community Callouts

    Tolmer's Square Community Event & Photo Competition

    The time has come for another FREE-to-attend, family-friendly community celebration in the heart of Tolmer’s Square!

    Sun 10 July 3.30 - 6.30pm @ Tolmer's Square, Camden NW1

    Photograph of a performer with lots of colourful hula hoops in a black leotard performing outdoors in Tolmer's Square.
    Posted: 16-06-2022 Tag: Community Callouts

    Queens Crescent Variety Spectacular

    Following on from the success of our first outdoor live art event on Ashdown Crescent, Camden, we have been invited back to host another FREE-to-attend, family friend variety spectacular.

    Sat 13 August 2.30 - 4.30pm @ Ashdown Crescent Camden

    A performer in glasses and a sideways cap speaking into a microphone in Tolmer's Square.
    Posted: 16-06-2022 Tag: Community Callouts

    Free Oral History Training Workshops

    Star Creative Heritage is recruiting now for a project volunteer team aged 18+ who will receive free training to assist them in recording oral histories and conducting archival research at the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library.

    Thurs 7, 14, 21, 28 Jul 6 - 9pm @ Camden People's Theatre

    A picture of our current steering group.
    Posted: 29-12-2021 Tag: Community Callouts

    Camden People’s Theatre Steering Group

    Are you based in Camden? Want to have a voice in our programming? We want to hear from you!

    Founding Steering Group Members

    We want to work hand-in-hand with our Camden community to make bold decisions together about arts and cultural programming at CPT’s new community hub. 

    "Companies like us genuinely would not be making theatre if it was not for the ability of CPT and its team to identify artists who are worth taking a chance on."

    Sh!t Theatre