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  • Matthew Neubauer


    Matt is a theatre maker and stage manager. He was part of the VAULT New Writers programme and National Theatre Young Directors course. His first show, SPUR, ran at VAULT Festival in 2023, received multiple five star reviews, and was nominated for a Show of the Week award.

    Matthew Neubauer CPT shows

    Matt Neubauer and the Rider–Waite Tarot Set
    Matthew Neubauer presents

    baby my love for you is Non-Fungible

    Fri 22 Mar at 9pm
    Love. Fate. Money. Art. An amateur soothsayer. A cursed child. AI palmistry. Bad poetry. More money. Pixelated Monkeys. More Fucking Money! And the End of the Goddam World.

    Blog Posts by Matthew Neubauer

    A display at the Guggenheim Gallery. A robot arm holding a squeegee stands in a pool of reddish-brown liquid in an otherwise white room. The room is streaked and splattered with the liquid.
    Posted: 14-03-2024 Tag: artist blogs

    Who Decides What Art Means (and why can't it be me?)

    The question of what art means - and by extension, whether it is good - and by further extension, whether it is worth money - has never been murkier. Writer Matt Neubauer tries to figure it all out through the lens of an internet argument about a dying robot, ahead of his upcoming play baby my love for you is Non-Fungible, part of SPRINT Festival 2024.

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