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  • Starting Blocks Showcase 2022

    Sat 26 Mar at 7.00pm
    Tickets £12 (£10)
    A showcase of the brand new work created and developed by artists on our trailblazing Starting Blocks scheme

    Starting Blocks is CPT’s unique artist development / peer network scheme, tailored particularly (but not exclusively) towards solo artists

    Each year, 5-6 artists or companies develop new work from scratch over an intensive and collaborative ten-week residency at CPT. These selected artists meet weekly to share practice, ideas and their developing works. They are also given space to develop their project and practice. This event is the showcase of their work. This year's participants include Eden Jun, Jack Boal, Meg Hodgson, Louisa Doyle, Jonny Khan and Chris Yarnell. 

    I’m Sorry I’m Not Lucy Liu by Eden Jun

    Imogen has been commissioned to create a new show for CPT. She wants to make it with you: what better way to find out what the audience wants than to make it with the audience? Now, you have a say in her story. Now, it’s yours as well as hers. One spoiler: she’s not Lucy Liu, even though she looks just like her.

    I’m Sorry I’m Not Lucy Liu is a playful and political choose-your-own-adventure story that wants to be the show you want it to be. Do you want to see her eat Squid Balls or play Squid Game? A K-pop dance number or the story of her worst rejection? Your decisions will shape not just her show but her identity, and her future. But why won’t she answer the phone…?

    Director and Dramaturg: Masha Kevinovna
    Dramaturgy: Yuyu Wang
    Special Thanks: Sabrina Mahfouz, Jonathan Wakeham

    Content notice: Contains references to personal and systemic racial prejudice.

    Health Warnings: Food and drink given to audience members & consumed onstage. Smoke, Fog & Haze

    The Children are Leaving by Jack Boal

    A comedy of apocalyptic proportions.

    The climate apocalypse approaches and Grace Fool, an out-of-work clown, faces her final hour all on her own. Or so she thinks. On Earth's final night, something more life changing than the end of the world sets Grace Fool on an unexpected journey of revelation and hope.

    This work-in-progress performance has been made as part of Starting Blocks 2022.

    MOONFACE by Meg Hodgson

    2022. Shady billionaires make plans to colonise and mine the solar system behind all our backs, and one rocky satellite is dangerously close to the edge. One last cycle to figure out where it all went wrong and how (if) we can course-correct before it’s too late.

    MOONFACE is a humorous and exuberant love letter to our nearest celestial neighbour and an exploration of how much 'space' we all take up in our late-stage capitalist universe.

    With support from Liv Lynch, Helena Banerjee and Eloina Haines.

    Content notice: Contains nudity and reference to violence, death and illness, specifically the death of a family member and violent colonial practices. 

    Lost Cat Project by Louisa Doyle 

    Somewhere in East London:
    A 70 year old man's phone keeps ringing.
    Hopeful calls. Prank calls. Confessional calls in the middle of the night.
    Since his cat went missing, he’s put up hundreds of posters with his phone number on. Every man and his dog is trying to get in touch, whether they’ve seen his cat or not.

    Somewhere in East London:
    I’m shedding. Moving on to something better.
    I’m Searching for a sign. Sniffing.
    This one.

    Lost Cat Project is a participatory, surreal re-enactment of three encounters between two people who met through a missing cat poster. It explores the joys and dangers of rubbing shoulders with strangers and wandering astray into the backyards of those we don’t know.

    Jess Haygarth - Dramaturg

    Supported by Arts Council England.

    Dupattas and Disco Balls by Jonny Khan

    “Underage, grounded and Desi. How the f*** are we gonna rave?”

    Daytime Raves during the 80s and 90s were a huge liberation for British South Asians, giving young Desi’s an opportunity to skip school and rave to the hardest mixes from the best DJs around.

    Through a backdrop of these Daytimers and underscored by a different genre of DJ each performance, Dupattas and Disco Balls follows a group of young wannabe ravers whilst they try and get their hands on the hottest tickets in town, all without any aunty or uncle ever finding out.

    The tunes will be loud and the vibes will be strong, so bring your dancing shoes and let the Wheel Ups commence!

    Dupattas and Disco Balls will be a first sharing of the work-in-progress at CPT.

    Supported by Arts Council England.

    Perpetuity by Chris Yarnell, Shambles Ensemble

    Perpetuity (working title) is an exploration on the theme of immortality. Taking inspiration from stories such as Lazarus, Dorian Grey and The Epic of Gilgamesh, the show asks you to consider how you would spend eternity, what (if anything) constitutes a soul and just how resilient the human spirit can be.

    Fusing visually and physically driven storytelling, clown, illusion and new writing, This show is the first live piece from Shambles Ensemble
    Contant Notice: contains themes of death, suicide and partial nudity

    Health Warning: Live Flames

    Starting Blocks
    Content Notice
    Running Time 180 minutes
    Content Notice
    Content NoticeRacial oppression, nudity, violence, death, illness, suicide
    Health Notice
    Health NoticeLoud noises, flashing lights, haze, live flames, fog, smoke, food

    Tobi King Bakare and this theatre deserve a shout-out for such a young, diverse audience. There is so much talk about audiences being full of over 60s and why, why can’t theatres get the crowds in to reflect society in general? Well, I’m happy to say that on a rainy Thursday evening, the theatre was completely full.

    Caiti Grove on Before I Go in CPT's Spring 2023 season London Theatre Reviews