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  • Project Atom Boi

    Wed 15 - Sat 18 May at 9pm
    Tickets £8 - £12 (+ booking fee)
    The award-winning Atom Boi from VAULT 2023 returns. An episodic and nostalgic dive into a secret Chinese nuclear town with live filming, meme and a nuclear explosion.

    Content Notice
    Running Time 60 mins
    Content Notice
    Content NoticeThemes of depression, death, nuclear weapon, apocalypse. There's no explicit or graphic depiction of any traumatic events but there are heavy themes of death, cancer and apocalypse being implied in abstract ways. Suitable for 15+
    Health Notice
    Health NoticeSmoke/fog/haze, Loud Noises, Flashing lights, Visual Effects (glitter curtains etc), Strobe lighting

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    Yuanzi/原子 is a doomer in her 20s and a Chinese living in London. Under the pressure of a friend, she takes on a bizarre journey to her past by making a film about her life. Buried underneath her apathy, cynicism and doomerism, Yuanzi now finds herself back in a desert town called Factory 404/四零四厂, a Chinese city built with the sole purpose of hosting a nuclear weapon as well as the place where she spent the happiest time of her life with her dear grandpa, who first came to this city with utopian ideals and shining dreams.

    Using a myriad of performance forms, Atom Boi works backwards from a numbed state of alienation to examine its influences embedded in a childhood upbringing dominated by utopian ideals, often inextricably bound up with USSR’s historical relationship with China.

    Artist Choice Award - VAULT Festival 2023
    Untapped Award Shortlist - New Diorama
    "Fearless experimental approach."
    The Play's The Thing
    "Lauded for its ‘ability to translate abstract concepts into audience-friendly performance'."
    Everything Theatre
    "Project Atom Boi feels haunted by a sense of loss and loneliness; this is emphasised through references to death and doom, reflecting the existential dread of the post-revolutionary era."
    Everything Theatre
    Audience feedback
    "Knotty, complex, high-concept, picking at language and memory and Truth and the nuclear apocalypse. Each performance pulls back a new layer."
    Audience feedback
    "Incredible use of the space, multi role, projection, just all of it. Breathtaking."
    Audience feedback
    "This is not your average storytelling. It can be puzzling. And yet, I can’t stop looking."
    The Play's The Thing on Ensemble Not Found

    "It is precisely these types of projects, involving these types of people, in these types of theatres that make London what it is."

    The Lancet