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    3xThursday: Metamorphosis

    Thu 14 Mar at 9pm
    Tickets £8 + booking fees (work-in-progress)
    Metamorphosis is the lovechild of grandiose costume design and physical theatre. A poetic ensemble piece featuring synergetic movement patterns and transformative costumes pioneering a new form of storytelling.

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    Running Time 35 mins
    Wheelchair Accessible
    Wheelchair Accessible
    Assistance dogs welcome
    Assistance dogs welcome

    This show is part of our 3xThursday triple bill! This means we have 3 slightly shorter shows on in one night! So why not make a night of it and see all 3? You get 25% off when you book more than one show across SPRINT Festival.

    Expect a visually grasping performance where the costumes have been drip-fed steroids and act as the framework for storytelling. Deeply reflective, intimate and beautiful, Metamorphosis will leave you with love and appreciation for Earth and the womb that produced you.

    Experience a meditation on Mother Nature and her constant transformation. Circling around themes of birth and finding your place in the ecosystem, Metamorphosis explores our relationship with our planet. The character of Mother Nature is investigated through experimental choreographies, demonstrating her power as well as extreme vulnerability, thus sparking a reflection on womanhood itself.

    Metamorphosis conveys a completely new way of making theatre with costumes as a founding pillar and is the debut of director Nina Brostrøm Laumann. She challenges the traditional use of costumes by creating designs that take up the whole theatre setting, are worn by several people at once, and have the ability to physically transform.
    Nina follows the notion that sustainability can be present throughout a creative process. Therefore all costumes are created from repurposed materials and are intended to continue their transformation by entering a pool of costumes for future use.

    The people featured in Metamorphosis are amazingly talented early-career performers from various creative hubs in London.

    Come take a look at a stunning and visionary contribution to the London theatre scene!

    "Her work is overflowing with creativity and unexpected modes of storytelling."
    Biz Lyon, Actor [about Nina's work]
    "The moment I met Nina I knew her artistry would blow me away. The soulful understanding she has of the world and the people around her brings me to believe she has lived many lives before this one. It is evident in everything she crafts and creates."
    Tessie Orange-Turner, actor [on the director Nina Laumann]

    Tickets for 3xThursday: Metamorphosis

    Thu 14 Mar, 21:00

    Tobi King Bakare and this theatre deserve a shout-out for such a young, diverse audience. There is so much talk about audiences being full of over 60s and why, why can’t theatres get the crowds in to reflect society in general? Well, I’m happy to say that on a rainy Thursday evening, the theatre was completely full.

    Caiti Grove on Before I Go in CPT's Spring 2023 season London Theatre Reviews