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    t'ART is a queer collective. We produce a printed magazine and curate a digital showcase for visual art and literature, prioritising underrepresented voices and narratives. We also put on group art exhibitions and regular queer-curated performance nights, that bring together drag artists, poets, musicians and more.

    We make space on paper. We make space online. We make space in the real world through our events programme. We make space for voices who don't get as much space as everybody else.

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    Illustrator: Lucie Arnoux
    t'ART presents


    Thu 14 Sept at 7.30pm
    Join us in t'ARTopia for a queer-curated cabaret of drag, music, poetry & more from some of our most delicious t'ARTs. Let's get mouthwatering!

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    “It means so much to be working at CPT, it’s such a good opportunity to work in a professional environment at my age. I didn’t think that was ever going to happen and it means the world to me. It’s really going to help prepare me for my future and where I want to go”

    CYT participant and Camden student