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    Wardrobe & Sons was conceptualised off the back of Frankie Thompson co-founding tiny, portable, art installation and portable venue, The Wardrobe; the only West-End Theatre not in the West-End, designed by Em Tanner, during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. It was born as a direct response to the spaces, or rather the lack of space, independent artists were given during the pandemic, and a cry out for original, radical, experimental and DIY work to not be lost in the Covid-19 landscape, and for sidelined, erased and vulnerable people to still be able to engage with work from communities, at a time we all needed it most. Looking like a miniature West-End Theatre, The Wardrobe is fully collapsable and portable, with a detachable chandelier and red curtain, with sparkling fairly lights and gold cherubs. 

    It is also absoutely just a wardrobe. 

    This came to form Wardrobe & Sons, with company producer, Beth Sitek. A They In A Manager is our first ever commission (!) and full show with a brilliant, all queer and predominately neurodivergent creative team. We are beyond proud to be presenting this with you both from inside and outside a closet, as a celebration of you, of us, chosen family and queer survival, expression and joy.

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    Clémence Rebourg
    Wardrobe & Sons presents

    A They In A Manger

    Tue 5 to Sat 16 Dec at 7.15pm (with afterparty on Thu 14 Dec)
    Join creatives from across the performance industries for a night of love song, nativity, and raging queer manifesto.
    Clémence Rebourg
    Wardrobe & Sons presents

    A They In A Manger: Available To Stream

    Available until Wed 31 Jan
    'This delicious mash-up of queer cabaret, monologue, burlesque, and performance art, is about as positive and life-affirming a Christmas concoction as you will find anywhere.' (Reviews Hub)

    Blog Posts by Wardrobe and Sons

    An0maly and Vijay Patel smiling with one another in a candid shot from a photoshoot.
    Posted: 04-12-2023 Tag: artist blogs

    Why do we need a queer Christmas show anyway?

    "This is a self-wrapped send-off to queer people preparing to take the annual voyage back to family histories, survival and code switching at Christmas."

    Ahead of A They In A Manger, we chatted to the cast about why the world needs a Christmas show of queer solidarity right now and the relationship between queerness and Christmas.

    "It is precisely these types of projects, involving these types of people, in these types of theatres that make London what it is."

    The Lancet