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  • Thomas Jancis


    Thomas Jancis creates interactive and immersive theatre, has worked with ‘Parabolic Theatre’ and ‘Immercity' and created ‘Circus In A Bottle’ (VAULT Festival 2022).
    He is a cast member and interviewer for the online RPG group ‘Roll Together’. With ‘The Butlers’ he was nominated for a Total Theatre award in 2012.

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    Thomas Jancis
    Thomas Jancis presents

    Dead Loss

    Thu 24 Mar at 7.15pm
    Still working in the now closed Lost and Found office in Baker Street, Tom tells the stories of some of the interesting items that have fallen through the cracks.

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    "Our children live in the most deprived ward in London and their parents cannot afford to pay for the classes and activities many more privileged children enjoy after school and at the weekends. A free-to-access youth group run by a local theatre in a professional setting is an incredible opportunity."

    Local school teacher