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  • Starting Blocks


    Starting Blocks is THE programme for artists making solo work or work in small groups; it invites artists to create innovative new projects as part of a peer network and encourages collaboration between them. Over ten weeks in early 2023, these artists and companies will meet weekly to share their practice, ideas and developing works. 

    2023 Starting Blocks cohort:

    • Victoria Chen
    • Laurie Stevens
    • Héctor Manchego and Faizal Abdullah
    • Maddie Wakeling
    • Dan Egg
    • Hannah Calascione

    Starting Blocks 2023 CPT shows

    Starting Blocks presents

    Starting Blocks Showcase 2023

    Sun 26 Mar 2023 at 5pm & 6pm
    A showcase of the brand new work created and developed by artists on our trailblazing Starting Blocks scheme.

    Blog Posts by Starting Blocks 2023

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    "It is precisely these types of projects, involving these types of people, in these types of theatres that make London what it is."

    The Lancet