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    Nefeli Kentoni presents

    Wall of Babel

    Wed 6 Mar at 7.15pm
    Tickets £8 - £12 (+ booking fee)
    Three bodies on stage, confronting each other’s tongue; mother tongue. They are in a state of constant translation; until words are not enough, until movement, music, memories are not enough.

    Content Notice
    Running Time 50 mins
    Wheelchair Accessible
    Wheelchair Accessible
    Assistance dogs welcome
    Assistance dogs welcome
    Content Notice
    Content NoticeA short scene with a pretend-war. Suitable for 12+
    Health Notice
    Health NoticeLoud Noises

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    The Wall of Babel is a multilingual piece interrogating concepts of identity, language, and translation. The fragmented narrative of the performance, taking the structure of the human cycle, revolves around the characters growth and their attempts for communication. The audience does not always understand what the three bodies say, but it is present throughout.

    From children playing hide n’ seek; to teenagers seeing their bodies change, to adults going to war – RATATATTATATATA – BOOOOOM; and then to elderly. The performance captures the challenges, humour and beauty of multilingual communication, venturing into non-verbal expression through movement and imagery.

    Language: English, Greek-Cypriot, Spanish, and Mandarin

    Writer/Director: Nefeli Kentoni
    Performers/Devisers: Melina Koutsofta, Santi Guillamon, Pablo Temboury, Fatima Rodriguez, Kenny Lai
    Music Composition: Manos Stratis
    Musicians: Elana Sasson, Manos Stratis

    "The piece is densely layered, so much so that as I write, I continue to find more tidbits and clever details buried within the performance."
    Liam Woodvine
    "A rare – if not unique – credit in contemporary dance!"
    Graham Watts
    "There were moments in Nefeli Kentoni’s Wall of Babel where I laughed out loud. Combining set and lighting in that ubiquitous pre-PowerPoint artefact, the Overhead Projector, was an inventive stroke of genius that underpinned another thoughtful piece about"
    Graham Watts

    Tickets for Wall of Babel

    Wed 06 Mar, 19:15

    “British theatre would be completely stymied without tiny, under-resourced venues such as CPT, which are a critical part of the theatre ecology.”

    Lyn Gardner Stagedoor