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  • Luis Amália presents


    Wed 15 & Thur 16 at 7:15pm Fri 17 & Sat 18 Jun at 9pm
    Tickets £12 (£10)
    A queer kid, a horny mascot, a hairy body in a sauna, a gymnast performing at the Olympics, a Hollywood legend. Luis Amália has one hour to perform them all.

    Content Notice
    Running Time 60 minutes
    BSL Performance
    BSL Performance 17th June
    Content Notice
    Content NoticeReferences to school bullying and body shame
    Health Notice
    Health NoticeSmoke, Haze, Nudity, Partial nudity

    Coming back to the CPT:

    Bold, honest, full of comedy and yet heartbreaking”—Pablo Roa, screenwriter, Netflix’s Money Heist.

    A five year old boy who doesn’t know which toilet to use. A whole scene where the performer, Luis Amália, speaks to the rhythm of a metronome while doing stepping. A horny teenager who doesn’t get laid because he is The Mascot (and a terrible footballer). A visit to a sexy, sweaty, sauna with too much body hair. Losing an Olympic medal in the Gymnastics Floor Final. Becoming a legendary Hollywood actress.

    —Is this serious?—Yes! Stigma can combine all these random events and characters and make them work.
    Believe me, you haven't tried a show like this before.

    You are going to laugh at how pathetic life can be and then experience tears of joy (or melancholy, you decide) at the same time.

    Please, don’t do it at home!

    Come and watch the one hour solo-show about having the courage to be who and what you want to be (even if you think you are being a freak).

    Click here to watch the trailer

    Stigma is BSL interpreted on 17th June.

    There will be a 45min Post-Show Talk on 15th and 16th of June with some artists and thinkers.
    On the 15th we'll discuss about the pressure society puts on our bodies (especially queer ones) in parallel to the debate on mental health in sport.

    And on the 16th we'll have a group of performers talking about acting while queering the industry through their bodies (accents, appearance, ideas...)

    The 7.15pm performance of Stigma on 15th and 16th June will be Enhanced by Extant -  This means there will be live accessible programme notes and a touch tour describing the set, props and characters before the performance starts for visually impaired audiences. Click here to book into Enhanced by Extant.

    "Wonderful show of pure feeling. Hurray for your hair!"
    Audience Review
    "An incredible work about gender and identity. It has landed deeply. I can relate to it. Congratulations."
    Audience Review
    "About keep going no matter what, feeling how others judge you. I empathised a lot with your story when you were a kid. We all feel like that. Thanks for the entire show"
    Audience Review
    "A very intense process of self-knowledge. Very hard work showing the world of competition, prejudices and also showing yourself to the world"
    Audience Review
    "Every gesture, every word is worth it. Adorable and unsettling in equal proportions."
    Audience Review
    "We loved how the stories were blended, the gymnastics, the pianist, the sauna, the childhood. The passages, the connections, the reflections… super cool, leaving a mark. The uneven bars scene with the metronome was just mesmerizing."
    Audience Review

    "CPT is a force for good... We as a community need this desperately at this time."

    Local resident