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    Chronic Insanity presents

    Secure. Contain. Protect.

    Wed 16 Mar at 9pm
    Tickets £12 (£10)
    An immersive and interactive production where the audience play new recruits to a paranormal research organisation trying to survive a containment breach during their first day on the job.

    Content Notice
    Running Time 60 minutes
    Content Notice
    Content NoticeContains audience interaction, simulated audience peril, and themes of violence
    Health Notice
    Health NoticeNone

    Secure. Contain. Protect. is an immersive and interactive theatre show based on the online storytelling universe of the SCP Foundation, a secret global organisation that secures, contains, and protects people, places, or things that defy the laws of nature.

    The audience assumes the role of a cohort of new recruits to The Foundation, who find their first day a little more than they bargained for when the facility suffers a containment breach during their orientation session. With the help of their supervisors, and the knowledge from the orientation before it was disrupted, the audience have to identify the entity that caused the breach and plan a way to capture the monster before it finds them, or else…

    Secure. Contain. Protect. is an exhilarating and entertaining mix of live and digital theatre that allows audiences to immerse themselves into the world of one of the internet’s most beloved collaborative storytelling projects. It is suitable for SCP fans and newcomers to the universe alike.

    "Politically charged and brilliantly effective"
    Theatre Weekly
    "Riveting, touching, and fully immersive"
    Broadway World
    The Upcoming
    "The future of art and performance"
    Pocket Size Theatre
    A Younger Theatre
    "Chronic Insanity have struck gold"
    London Theatre Review

    "Our children live in the most deprived ward in London and their parents cannot afford to pay for the classes and activities many more privileged children enjoy after school and at the weekends. A free-to-access youth group run by a local theatre in a professional setting is an incredible opportunity."

    Local school teacher