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  • Chronic Insanity


    Chronic Insanity is an Off West End award winning company that creates theatre in a variety of traditional, found, and digital spaces. They manage the UK's first dedicated digital theatre literary department, run a venue in a cave under Nottingham, and stage at least 12 shows every 12 months.

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    Joe Strickland/Elīna Arāja
    Chronic Insanity presents

    Secure. Contain. Protect.

    Wed 16 Mar at 9pm
    An immersive and interactive production where the audience play new recruits to a paranormal research organisation trying to survive a containment breach during their first day on the job.
    Chronic Insanity presents

    Seven Strikes

    Tue 7 Mar at 9pm
    An interactive and immersive experience about police brutality and vigilantism where you’re hired as criminal profilers to get to the bottom of a series of mysterious attacks against local officers.

    Blog Posts by Chronic Insanity

    A computer monitor, showing a psychedelic blend of multiple coloured pixels on its screen
    Posted: 27-02-2023 Tag: artist blogs

    Making high impact immersive theatre on a budget

    "We want to make immersive and interactive theatre that explores the problems in modern society in the same way that traditional theatre might, but with the audience getting to be a part of the story.”

    Joe Strickland talks about the motivations for Chronic Insanity’s show Seven Strikes, coming to CPT 7th March for its debut performance as part of SPRINT Festival 2023.

    "A great local theatre making a massive difference to the local community."

    Councillor Jonathan Simpson Camden Council