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  • Lisa Gornick presents

    Drawing on the Bottle

    Fri 7 - Sat 8 Jun at 9pm
    Tickets £8 - £12 (+ booking fee)
    Live projected drawing, music, comedy and pathos about the seduction of alcohol; the reality of ethanol. A unique performance about a toxic life partner and ways to step away.

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    The live drawing show is a unique, novel, experience that feels like a stand up show alongside a film being created in front of your eyes. The drawing unfurls as stories are investigated with audience interaction. This show is about alcohol. A substance that feeds the social and economic life of Camden but also destroys the health of 28% of its citizens. I was one of them. Started out as a party girl ended up as a lonely solo drinker in my flat opposite the forum.

    Vibrant tragic comic stories from the experience of booze, both good and bad. But mainly bad. A live interactive show using drawing, comedy, pathos and music to explore the attraction and then bad marriage to ethanol. Not preachy but realistic. Stories from the times spent feeding regret with cheap co op vodka. To hugs from the young staff at the co op when I stopped. The real truth behind the comfort of strangers. This is a show for everyone who’s ever had a drink in Camden, who wants to think about drink. For people who want to be entertained in a truthful and connected way with ink on paper, a microphone, music - easy set up but deep insights to allow us to reflect on our relationship to alcohol.

    Content Notice
    Running Time 60 minutes
    Wheelchair Accessible
    Wheelchair Accessible
    Assistance dogs welcome
    Assistance dogs welcome
    Content Notice
    Content NoticeThis performance contains reference to addiction, depression, swear words.
    "She's sharp and sexy in a nonchalant kind of way."
    Sally Stott in The Scotsman [on previous performance]

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