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    Sabean Bea presents

    Dolls & Guys

    Fri 12th - Sun 11th August at 9pm
    Tickets £13
    Objet d’art or person? Life can be brutal in its expectations of women. In this surrealist fantasy not too unlike the reality we know, we meet five dolls who give us an insight into their world on the shelf.

    Content Notice
    Running Time 60 minutes
    Content Notice
    Content NoticeScenes of suggested domestic abuse

    To book tickets, head to the Camden Fringe website - https://camden.ssboxoffice.com/events/dolls-guys/

    Lucy is every mans ideal, but at what cost?
    Soraya is willing to be every mans ideal, but it's not working
    Billie is a bit too much of "one of the lads" for one of the lads Maggie
    is trying her luck on the dating scene post divorce
    Juliet doesn't quite fit the damsel in distress and doesn’t want to.

    Frauditas' first production takes us into a dystopian fairytale in which women wait to
    be picked by the one and live happily ever after. Yeah we know. Sucks right?

    “Keep up the good work producing cutting-edge theatre for everyone in London”

    Councillor Jonathan Simpson, 29 January 2018