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  • Sabean Bea


    This is the first piece written by Sabean Bea & or Alanna Flynn that will be on in the theatre. Both writers are women from very different backgrounds. Sabean being working class from a single parents family and mixed ethnicity, and Alanna being from a middle class, married parent household and white. With all the differences they experienced growing up, being women gave them too many similarities in a not so positive way. Whilst working together and sharing stories about their dating experiences, they decided that what better way to show how it feels to be constantly objectified....than to show it in the form of entertainment. Sabean Bea & Alanna Flynn are also both comedic actors, and so the show has a comical element too.

    Sabean Bea CPT shows

    Sabean Bea
    Sabean Bea presents

    Dolls & Guys

    Fri 12th - Sun 11th August at 9pm
    Objet d’art or person? Life can be brutal in its expectations of women. In this surrealist fantasy not too unlike the reality we know, we meet five dolls who give us an insight into their world on the shelf.

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    Great theatre, lovely young team, brilliant supportive diverse programming, the only theatre I can think of that is currently supporting so many theatremakers.

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