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    Votive Theatre is led by Midlands based writer/director duo Katrina Bennett and Amy Crighton. We're interested in exploring ideas of bodily autonomy and the queer experience, and bridging the gap between performer and audience. Using collaborative techniques and technology to make work that challenges form and aims to create intimacy with the audience.

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    Pete Rouse
    Votive Theatre presents

    Choose Your Fighter

    Tue 9 - Sat 13 May at 7.15pm & Fri 12 May at 9:15pm
    Relationships can be messy. Especially with four people. Leaving their pasts behind, Dee, Freya, Craig and Amber have embraced a queer utopia. Until one explosive party, when everything falls apart.

    Blog Posts by Votive Theatre

    Four people hug each other and laugh holding pieces of paper which look like scripts
    Posted: 04-05-2023 Tag: artist blogs

    We desperately need more queer joy in theatre

    ‘In our society the queer experience is too often intertwined with trauma and pain but that doesn’t need to be its defining feature.'

    Katrina Bennett talks about centring queer joy while writing her play CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER, breaking away from traditional theatrical forms, and the importance of making work with people who share your values. 

    Still from The Last Of Us: A person with a rucksack and a gun faces away from the camera, looking out at a desolate landscape.
    Posted: 13-04-2023 Tag: artist blogs

    Seeing it through their eyes: How video games can influence theatre

    Narrative video games are starting to take over our media landscape, and their impact is ever expanding with a multitude of adaptations and spin offs coming to our screens. Director of CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER, Amy Crighton, thinks about how we can take inspiration from these stories' original formats, to create a new kind of theatre that leans into the bias of always fighting for one person.

    "CPT is the first place we turn to when we have a new idea, knowing that experimentation and new ideas are always supported."

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