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  • Siân Docksey


    Siân Docksey is a British-Belgian comedian, writer and pole dance artist. Her work uses surrealism to make cheerfully weird comedy from political and personal dread. Siân was nominated for the BBC New Comedy Award 2019, most recently seen on BBC 3 and co-hosts London’s Alternative Comedy Memorial Society.

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    Millie Robson
    Siân Docksey present

    Siân Docksey: Work-In-Polegress

    Sat 4 Jun at 9pm
    Can pole dancing be funny? Mostly for tax reasons, BBC New Comedy Award nominee Siân Docksey tries to find out.

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    "Welcoming, inclusive, creative and life-affirming. I have learnt a lot myself in so many ways that will seep into all parts of my life. My self-confidence has massively increased"

    Human Jam participant