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  • Larisa Faber


    Larisa Faber is a migrant actor and writer-director, trained at Drama Centre London. She writes and makes work for the stage and screen. Though wholly unmusical, she loves weird musicals and odd humour. Good Girls is her fourth full-length piece.

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    Larisa Faber presents

    Good Girls

    Thu 24 Nov - Sat 26 Nov at 9pm
    A musical about abortions and no regrets. 3 performers, 6 jazz hands, multiple stories.

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    Three women of different ethnicities sat on a grey sofa, seen from the waist up. A white brick background. The women are looking straight at us. They are confident.
    Posted: 17-10-2022 Tag: artist blogs

    A Musical About Abortion?!

    A musical about abortion?! You must be kidding, right?

    Writer/director Larisa Faber writes about the catalyst of making GOOD GIRLS, coming to CPT Thu 24 Nov - Sat 26 Nov.

    "It is precisely these types of projects, involving these types of people, in these types of theatres that make London what it is."

    The Lancet